Introducing The Fit RV 5k Challenge!

Every Thanksgiving, James and I run a 5k Turkey Trot. I’m sure you’ve seen them advertised, since they’ve become popular in cities and towns all over the country. It’s become one of our favorite all-time family traditions. The kids and grandkids join us too, and last year, just-turned-4-year old Amelia actually walked/jogged the entire course without using the stroller once! I can’t tell you how proud I was…and how lucky I felt to share that milestone moment with my grandgirl. Since this event is so special to us, we want to open it up to our whole RV-loving community.

The Fit RV Turkey Trot 5k


James and I would like to challenge you to participate in a 5k with us this year!

Well, not with us physically, unless of course you find yourself in Utah…which we’d love! But more realistically, we’d like to challenge you to participate in any 5k this Thanksgiving, wherever you find your RV parked.

FitRV 5K Challenge Hylands LogoTo get you ready for it, we’ll be posting training plans, advice, and encouragement…starting with your very first official training session which you’ll do on October 1st, 8 weeks before Thanksgiving. For those 8 weeks, you’ll be doing 4 training sessions a week. I’ve already put WEEK 1’s Training Plan up, so go take a look. James will be doing them, too. Since this is the only time he runs each year, he has to start just like anyone…slowly and safely. And the plans aren’t just for runners! There’ll be intervals, sure, but instead of jogging the intervals, those of you who don’t run can simply power walk through the intervals.

And the BEST news is there’ll be lots of drawings for some pretty cool prizes along the way! Hyland’s has so generously agreed to sponsor this challenge! Not only with gift baskets and prizes, but so much behind the scenes work, I can’t tell you how wonderful this company is. Feetures Running and Headsweats are pitching in prizes, too, so y’all need to come like our Facebook page, because that’s where we’ll be doing the giveaways. All of these sponsors make products I actually use as part of my own running arsenal, that’s why I chose to ask them if they’d pitch in with prizes. Of course, the BEST prize is that you’ll be in great shape heading into the holiday season, and you might just be starting some pretty cool family traditions of your own.

We really hope you’ll join us. Even if this is totally outside the box for you and your family, why not get a little crazy? Try something new! You’ll never know your potential unless you step outside your comfort zone. Here’s your chance.

thanksgiving 5k cottonwood heights


To be eligible for the challenge, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already, so you’ll get the weekly training plans. (You can see the signup in the sidebar on the right.)
  2. Train along with James by following the workouts we’ll be posting every Wednesday (but please, get doctor clearance first).
  3. Like our Facebook page so you can enter all the drawings for giveaways! There’ll be A LOT of giveaways over the 8 weeks!
  4. Participate in an official Thanksgiving Day 5k, OR! Simply walk or jog a distance of 5k with your family/friends on Thanksgiving…doesn’t have to be an official race.
  5. Send us, by December 10th 2015, the results of your event. We want to hear how it went!
  6. Your results will qualify you to be entered in the grande finale drawing for yet another cool giveaway, which will take place about two weeks after Thanksgiving, so hurry and get us those results!
The Fit RV Thanksgiving 5k Challenge

You never know what kind of fun awaits along the Thanksgiving 5k route!

And that’s it!  You’ll be hearing more about this as we go, but would love to hear your questions and/or thoughts about this…is this something you and yours might be interested in?

James has already set his goal for this year’s Turkey Trot: to set a new personal best time (PR) on the course. Amelia has, too. She said she wants to jog the entire way this year (she’ll be just-turned-5 yrs old). Me, I’ll be jogging right alongside that little peanut…

Your turn, gang. What’s your goal?!

Stefany Adinaro is an RVing fitness pro and is the self-proclaimed “better half” of the Fit RV website. While she loves her RV adventures, her favorite adventure is being “Mugga” to grandbabies Amelia and Eli. When she's not on the road, you can find her training clients in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    7 thoughts on “Introducing The Fit RV 5k Challenge!

    1. Paul

      Okay…found a Turkey Trot in Burbank that’s pretty close to where we’ll be on Thanksgiving. Shari and I plan to follow the training plans, thanks for the fun idea.

    2. Dan

      I’m still dying to hear about your composting toilet. There was some allusion earlier to an issue, but James said he didn’t want to just complain without offering a solution.

      So what’s your timeline on that? (Not that I’m demanding responsiveness for this free service that you provide…but…)

      1. James

        It will be a video. It will be good.
        We’ve started on it, but we’re pretty busy the next couple of weeks.
        It should be up in October I’m predicting.

        1. Dan

          Thanks for the update! We’ll be in the UK when it comes out, so I’ll have to wait until November. I guess I’ll have to satisfy my curiousity by checking out some nice little Euro RVs. 🙂

    3. Ann Erickson

      This sounds like just what hubby and I need. Plus then we’ll feel much less guilty later on the day when we’re gorging on turkey dinner, lol!

    4. Ian

      I’m up for this. For several years as fall/winter comes along I keep thinking about getting into some light running, and maybe doing our local 5k turkey trot. Then I get lazy and it doesn’t happen. This year, if things go right, we’ll be on a road trip to Albuquerque, will have to look up what they have for a 5k holiday run down there.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        WE’VE DONE THE ALBUQUERQUE TURKEY TROT, Ian! There’s even a book “Albuquerque Turkey!” It doesn’t have anything to do with running, lol, but I got it for the grandgirl and it always makes me think of that run. So glad you’re on board! I’ll be posting the first week’s training schedule in the next couple days. So, check the condition of your running shoes or use this time to get a fresh pair, and let’s get you (and James) whipped into some killer running shape!


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