The Americanizer™

The Americanizer™ – RV Sewage Adapter for Cassettes and Portable Toilets IS HERE!

And yes, that’s our own affiliate link… it’s our product!

At long last, we’ve managed to get the Americanizer™ listed and live on!  You can order yours now.  At present, we’re working as fast as we can to get them packaged up to Amazon standards and shipped to their warehouses.  It’s been a learning experience, to be sure.  If you happen to see an “out of stock” message during these early days, don’t despair!  More are coming as fast as we can make it happen.  We’d like to thank all of you who have stuck with us all the way through the product development and production process.  It’s been quite an adventure since we sent out our initial feelers.  We hope it was worth the wait!



So, to quickly reiterate what the Americanizer is and what it does:

  • The Americanizer™ is the only adapter for Thetford brand cassettes and portable toilets that will connect your cassette’s dump spout with standard RV sewer accessories.
  • It doesn’t permanently modify or damage your cassette or portable toilet in any way.  You can still dump in all the places you dump it now.  This just adds more options.
  • The Americanizer™ is constructed in such a way that the waste never actually flows through the adapter.  It goes straight from your cassette or portable toilet into the sewer hose.  It might not stay pristine clean, but it’ll be close.
  • You don’t have to grab the “business” end of The Americanizer™ to attach or detach it.  It’s long enough that you operate it from the upstream end.
  • The Americanizer™ has an easy-grip barrel which makes it easy to grip, even with gloved hands.

You can learn more about The Americanizer™ in the original concept video below:


We’ve only tested The Americanizer™ with Thetford brand cassettes and portable toilets, but we’d like to start a list here of all the different models of cassette that others have successfully used it with.  If your cassette model is not listed here, and you’ve successfully used The Americanizer™ with it, sound off in the comments below and we’ll update the list.

Verified Cassette or Portable Toilet Models:

  • Theftord C220 series
  • Thetford 400 series
  • Thetford C2
  • Thetford 365 Porta-Potti
  • Thetford Campa Potti XG


65 thoughts on “The Americanizer™

    1. James - Post author

      We don’t have a Dometic 976 to test with. I know folks over on Amazon have tried all sorts of things (cutting the adapter down, etc.).

      Perhaps one of them has tried it with a D976? Couldn’t hurt to ask.

  1. shane

    such a great idea that i just garaged my 2 month old camco and ordered the thetford 365 and this to go with it. we can now dump into a camco 28 gal tote and hit the dump station. never making a mess in my house again! but please do make one for the camco

  2. Michael

    I saw your video last year and we have two Thetford Porta Potties the 335 and the 92306. As it would be great to not only know the series of toilets this works for but more detailed information. I want to order two but have no clue if they would work or not for our two toilets since it would be a hit or miss. So a list of not only what works but also which don’t. I suggest showing all the toilet numbers and photos of what fits and which ones don’t as that is what I would do before releasing to the market place. As I am surprised that this lack of detail coming from TheFitRV. Thanks

    1. James - Post author

      Thus far, nobody with a Thetford portable toilet has reported any problems at all.
      Camco and Dometic portable toilets do not work.

      As far as buying a sample of every portable toilet ever made… I’ll just say we don’t need a couple hundred toilets. Don’t know where we would put them! lol!

  3. jim moses

    Just seen a post on the Trailmanor RV’s Face Book page that they will HAVE TO discontinue using recirculation toilets in there new Trailers due to Thetford is not going to make them any longer, only standard RV toilets and Cassette toilets.

    1. James - Post author

      I suppose Thetford may be no different from anyone else in the RV industry – they’re having trouble keeping up with demand… so they have to make some strategic decisions about which products to continue with.

  4. Bill Nalen

    Instant purchase, arrives tomorrow. I’ve done all the methods you mentioned in the video and they are all terrible. We have a self converted Transit van and were just about to purchase a composting or Laveo since we had so many problems dumping our Thetford 365.

  5. Arthur

    Interested, as I need to connect a small camp toilet with cassette to a larger Camco black tank underneath to get more capacity.

  6. Ken Gallagher

    I would definitely get this adapter for a cassette toilet.

    The Rv’s that I am looking at use cassette toilets and honestly, I was not at all liking the idea. But I think I could do it with your adapter.

    1. Edwards

      The Americanizer product is a game changer! It totally works! Thank you so much for this amazing yet simple product! I have used a portapotty on and off and then said never again until I came across the Americanizer. The first time emptying a portapotty without this device crap went all over the restroom. Then always went to a dump after that but still ended up with crap where it’s not supposed to be. Then threw two portapottys away not wanting to have to empty it. Then said never again. The first time I used this product I was amazed how easy and not messy it was! Thanks for a the Americanizer!!!!

  7. Janice Michaelson

    Fantastic idea. Im definitely intetested. Just one question: the Tellaro diesnt have a regular 3″ (?) grey water hose. It has a narrow one (1.5″ ?). Will you make an adapter for that?

    1. James - Post author

      No plans to make a 1.5 inch version. I’d worry that things might get… stuck… in a 1.5 inch hose.
      You could always investigate something like this and try to work up something on your own?

  8. Glenn Ochi

    Yes i am very interested in this as a new camper owning a
    TAB 320 S trailer and your adapter makes total sense on dumping one of these cassette toilets

  9. Håkan Johansson

    Hi James!

    What an absolutely great idea! I have over 30 years of experience of travelling in European style caravans and motorhomes and have always hated to empty our Thetford cassettes. So; when I saw your product I ordered it straight away and got it delivered very quickly to a reasonable cost. What a great product if it weren’t for a tiny detail… In our latest motorhome we’ve got, for the first time for us, a cassette toilet that isn’t a Thetford cassette but a Dometic CT 4110. Sadly, I didn’t realize this until I couldn’t fit the Americanizer… Do you have any plans for make an adapter to fit our cassette? Can we help in developing this by 3D-printing a prototype to test fit? Please contact us if you’d like to take this any further. Best regards from a fan of yours in Sweden.

    1. James - Post author

      I’ve received several requests for a Dometic (or Camco, here in the US) version of the product.
      I’ll investigate this, and any updates I come up with will be posted here. But first… I’ll have to find myself a Dometic toilet to test with!

      1. Håkan Johansson

        Is there anything I can do to help? As owner of a Dometic cassette maybe there’s something I can do with the cassette we already have?

      2. James - Post author

        Well, I’ve never even seen one, so we could start out with a picture and some rough dimensions I suppose. Can you post pictures here? Or on some other platform. Whatever works for you.

      3. Håkan Johansson

        Hi James,

        As you can see the cassette is very similar to the Thetford cassette and dimensions are about the same. Just not the thread… You can find pictures on my dropbox: LINK REMOVED FOR PRIVACY

        I’ll gladly help in any way possible.

      4. James - Post author

        Understood. The threading is actually the most critical part to get correct.
        I suspect I’ll have to reach out to Dometic to get a sample.

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