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Well, in this case, it’s interrupted before it even starts!

I had intended to review (and I will eventually, I promise) the Sprinter Rear Spring Assist Kit on our upcoming RV trip.  So, I took Das Bus to the local Freightliner service department today.  They’ve done a good job for me in the past, and the install of the kit on the rear springs was no problem for them.  BUT…

When they went to pull her out of service, she wouldn’t start.  I had recently replaced the battery myself, so I figured I had done something wrong.  They checked that, and it wasn’t my fault.  What they determined the problem was was the “WSP Module”.  This module is some kind of engine immobilizer module that is particular to Sprinters.  Apparently, mine tested bad.  I asked them to replace it, and they said no problem.

When I called later that day to inquire about picking up the RV, I was a bit put out to learn that the “WSP Module” wasn’t in hand.

In fact, it wasn’t in Salt Lake City.


Or Utah.


Or the United States.


Apparently, the WPS module is on its way from Germany, and should be here within two weeks.


They were pleasant enough giving me the news.  I wish I could say I was as pleasant receiving it.

So now, we’re scrambling to remap our RV trip plans for Volcano Week.  At this point, I’ll be happy with Volcano Day.  Or maybe just a geyser.

Or a nice grilled cheese sandwich.