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Burnie WinnersWell, the entries are in, and we’ve picked the three winners of our Burnie give-away contest.  These three winners will each receive a free Self-Burning Grill, complements of Burnie!

So, without further ado, the winning entries are:

The Camp Shower – by Vicki

Andy woke up and realized this was the day, he finally got to go to camp just like his older brothers. Bags were all packed and he was ready to go. The only thing that dampened his excitement was the mandatory shower that he was required to take the last day of his 3 day camp.  Andy loved the water, loved to take a long bath, he even loved to play in the rain but avoided a shower like the plague. He was not going to let a shower rob him of his fun.

Off to camp he went not even looking back at his teary eyed mom and dad. Two days later mom and dad were back to pick up their little ‘damp’ haired boy. When all the bags were loaded in the car and the doors were shut…

Mom asked – Andy how was your shower?
Andy – Good, but I forgot to bring in my shampoo.
Mom -W ell that’s OK.  Soap works just as well.
Andy – I forgot the soap, too.
Mom – A wash cloth can get off a lot of dirt off.
Andy – Didn’t think to take a wash cloth.
Mom – Well good thing you at least rinsed with water and dried off with your towel.
Andy (giggling) – Forgot the towel too.
Mom – How did you dry off?
Andy – I used my dirty clothes.
Mom (still trying to sound positive) Well that was a good idea.
Andy – (sheepishly) No it wasn’,t because I also forgot my clean clothes.
Mom and Dad – (laughing hysterically)

And next –

My Tailbone Needs a Burnie Grill – by Betty

In 1976 we set out for a camping trip looking for a place to make our home. Our horse, a 67 Mustang, was pulling a U-Haul with all of our worldly possessions. We never made the first fifty miles and the horse over-heated.  We left the trailer on the side of the freeway and spent the night in a motel. It took us seven days to go 1000 miles – traveling at night and watering the horse every hour and a half. We were not going to let a blown head gasket stop us, and we met a lot of real nice mechanics who worked on the horse for free.

We camped every night, but one particular night stands out. We were in the Smoky Mountains, making the horse go upgrade, coaxing her with oats, but we made the campground. Tent set up, now for the fire. I found a nicely aged piece of wood, ready for the fire, except it was attached to a larger log. No problem, one good stomp would set it free. I stomped, it broke, and I landed on my butt. I not only broke the log off, but also my tailbone. Oh what I wouldn’t have given for a Burnie Grill then, and the next four days of the trip in the car!

And finally

Reflections on Burnie Grill – by Stormi

Oh.My.Gosh – talk about being born in the wrong time!

My grandfather would have LOVEDLOVEDLOVED this Burnie Grill. He and I were quite the outdoor adventure team, back in the day. A granddad and his “little Chumper” (I don’t know what it means, just go with it). I cannot even begin to count the times we’d head out on a fishing trip adventure and Pop would begin the exhaustive search for firewood (“Pop, that’s too wet” “Pop, (cough cough) why is it smoking so much?” “Pop, I don’t think you can burn lettuce”). My sweet Pop didn’t have any grandsons, so I suppose I was the stand-in. That was cool with me, not being much of a “girly girl” – I fancied myself a bit of a tomboy.

Anyway, how I loved our outdoor adventures. Memories. Good stuff. But – the campfire making? Oy. Those were some interesting lessons in patience, humor and sticktuitiveness. “What do you mean you left the matches in the tackle box?” “What does a little soggy mean?” Soon to be followed with “Who needs a fire anyway?” and, my personal favorite, “Let’s pretend we’re Daniel Boone and Mingo!” Yeaaaah…..I was pretty sure Mingo knew how to build a fire, but hey, what does a girl know? I am seriously envisioning the look on his face if I could have pulled out a Burnie from my backpack – Wooah! It would have been as if the heavens had opened up before us! This is admittedly a very cool invention, albeit forty years tardy in the making!

We appreciate everyone who took the time to submit an entry, and hope you all agree with our picks.  I’ve already contacted the winners to get their Burnie shipped out to them.

And if we come across any of you out on the road with a Burnie Grill – we’ll be bringing the marshmallows!  (Just don’t tell Stef I said so, because she’s always on me to eat healthy and I don’t think marshmallows count…)