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We’re so excited, guys, and can’t wait to share this! We’ve just taken on some super cool new sponsors…Aventura and Ecōths. Both are clothing lines, so don’t be surprised if we start looking spiffier than ever in our future RV adventures!

Stef and James from The Fit RV in Hammock

…or future hammocking adventures. And if you’ve ever tried to get in a hammock with someone else, you know it’s an adventure…

Aventura is a women’s line and Ecōths makes men’s clothing. Both companies gear their designs around outdoorsy types; the kind of clothes perfect for long drives, a day of exploring, or even a night around the campfire. That’s why they’re such a good match for us and our RV lifestyle. Everything is exceptionally comfortable, which is most important to fussy James, and also stylish & flattering, which is most important to me. We especially love that both lines focus on using organic and sustainable fibers wherever they can, creating a lighter eco footprint… and they’re incredibly passionate and proud of this.

Aventura Ecoths The Fit RV Stef and James

Yup. This is what Aventura and Ecoths looks like. We dig it.

Oh and get this! Ecōths donates three meals to food banks for every piece of clothing sold. EVERY PIECE! They’re also participating in the #Spoontember effort in honor of Hunger Action Month this September. Maybe you’ve already seen some of the fun Spoontember pix on your social media?

Spoontember The Fit RV

Spoontembering with the grandkids and daughter-in-law. They all were pros, but Crabby the cat and I…well we need more practice.

People around the nation are taking selfies of themselves balancing a spoon on their nose, and posting them on Instagram (here’s ours!) and other social media to help raise awareness of the 1 in 7 Americans struggling with hunger. Just take a moment and process that. 1 in 7…not worldwide, but right here at home. I had no clue. It makes me SO SO proud to be working with a company like Ecōths, who is doing their part to combat this.

60% Off, Anyone??!!

Oh yes, you read that right. Aventura, the women’s line, has given me twenty-five 60% off (one time only) coupon codes to share with you! If you’re interested, either leave a comment below, or head over to our Fit RV Facebook page and “like” the page, and then shoot me a private message on Facebook and I’ll message you back a coupon code!  Yeah, we just made early Xmas shopping a whole lot easier…

Ecoths Aventura The Fit RV Adinaro

Totally dudded out in Ecoths and Aventura…are we stylin’ or what?

So, next time you’re clothes shopping, we hope you won’t forget about Aventura and Ecōths. And tell them we sent you! Because, yeah, we’re not above making you all put in a good word so we look like we’re worth sponsoring.

Aventura Ecoths The Fit RV Stef James Adinaro

Now go take that Spoontember selfie on your Instagram and use #thefitrv so we can see it!!! Actually, anytime you use #thefitrv on any pic, we can see it, so use it frequently!