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I’ve had it on my to-do list for a while to write a holiday gift guide kind of post.  Here it is, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I’m just now starting.  I’ll be honest, it’s because pretty much all I’ve thought about for the past week has been OUR NEW RV, THE WINNEBAGO EKKO!  HAVE YOU SEEN OUR NEW RV?  LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT OUR NEW RV!

No, really… Have you heard about our new RV?

Yeah, that’s kind of what it sounds like inside my brain lately.  Heck, Stef’s birthday is coming up in less than a week and I still haven’t gotten her anything because I’m so busy planning out things ABOUT OUR NEW RV!  HAVE YOU HEARD?

So, while I am going to get this holiday gift post done, it’s also going to be about our new RV because I kind of have a one track mind.

Discount Codes!

Before I forget, our friends at Camping World have laid some pretty solid discount codes on us, and I do want to share them.  Some of the items in the below list you can get at Camping World, so these discount codes could save you some coin.  First off (though I procrastinated and now there’s not a lot of time left), there’s one code to use – online only – up through Black Friday:

  • Code: FitRV2020
  • Discount: 10% off (but with no minimum) / 15% off for Good Sam members (no minimum)
  • Valid: Nov. 19 – 27, 2020


And there’s another code that’s only valid online on Cyber Monday:

  • Code: FitRVVIP
  • Discount: 15% off (no minimum) / 20% off for Good Sam members (no minimum)
  • Dates: Nov. 30, 2020


There are some exclusions with these discount codes (Generators, RV covers, electronics, air conditioners, satellite antennas, gift cards, and weekly Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounted items), but I don’t believe any of the items I’ve linked below fall into those categories.  And even if you’re not buying items for your new EKKO, I hope you can use them.

And with that out of the way, here are..

The First 10 Things I’m Buying For Our Hopefully Arriving Very Very Soon Winnebago EKKO

1. New LevelMate Pro+

If you’ve been around here a while, you know I have a “thing” about being level.  I first investigated the LevelMate Pro back in September of 2016, when it won my “level-off”.  In the years since then, they’ve continued to improve the product and they’ve fixed what I’ve seen as the biggest problem with it: the battery life.  Both the LevelMate Pro and the Pro+ now have a hardware switch so you can shut off the battery when you’re not trying to level your rig.  That’s fantastic!  And I’ll be getting the Pro+ because it operates on a larger battery as well.  Using the LevelMate has gotten to be just a part of how we RV, and I couldn’t imagine not having this in the new EKKO.

2. Leveling Blocks for Dual Wheels

If you guessed that I’ll be installing a leveling system in our new EKKO, you guessed right.  But I certainly won’t have it done on day one.  Until we can get a leveling system up and running, I’m going to need some way to keep things level.  But the Winnebago EKKO has dual rear wheels!  The HossPads I have aren’t large enough to support dual wheels, and I don’t have enough of them to double up.  So I’m looking into these Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks for Dual Wheels.  I can keep my current HossPads for use up front, and use these blocks in the back.  It won’t be my final solution, but it will get me going until I get some levelers installed.

3. New WeBoost Drive Reach RV

We’ve traveled with a WeBoost cell booster in Lance since day one.  Last time I checked, I still had a job, so this isn’t something that’s going to change.  I’ll be installing their latest and most powerful cell signal booster, the WeBoost Drive Reach RV in our new EKKO pretty quickly.  Because, I still have to work.

4. An Extra Toilet Cassette!

One of the things that might be limiting about a cassette toilet is the capacity.  It only holds 5 gallons.  But there’s an easy solution: you can buy an extra cassette!  Suddenly, poof!  Your black tank capacity is doubled.  With the insane amount of cargo space in the EKKO, I can think of little reason NOT to get this extra Thetford cassette.  I suppose I could get a third cassette and triple the capacity if I really wanted to!

5. Toilet Chemicals!  lol.

Laugh if you want, but for the last 5 years, we’ve been rolling with a composting toilet, so we don’t have any chemicals!  Since we’re cassette wusses, I figure we’ll start with the absolute strongest chemicals I can find.  It says one 8 ounce bottle of this Thetford Aqua-Kem should treat a 40 gallon tank.  So that sounds about right to me for a 5 gallon cassette.  Baby steps, people… baby steps.

6. An Acrylic Mirror

One thing we noticed in the EKKO is that the bathroom door is a big blank canvas on both sides.  That should be a good place to install an acrylic mirror for all the primping and checking out of my outfits that I do.  Ummm.  Yeah.  Anyway, by getting an acrylic mirror, we don’t have to worry about accidentally banging it into something (since it’s on a door).  It won’t shatter!

7. A Light Bar

That picture is from our friends at Aluminess of one they did, but I’m probably going to go full-obnoxious and get something like this one.  I’ll be honest… ever since we saw the EKKO and its front cap with that shelf.  Well, the shelf is just calling out for a light bar of some sort.  I’ve been trying to find the absolute largest one that will fit up there.  The one I linked is almost 800 watts of LEDs!

8. Mr. Heater Propane Hose Assembly

This one may take some explaining.  Yes, the EKKO has a propane quick connect where the outdoor kitchen is.  If you can find and don’t mind using propane accessories that are compatible with the built in regulator, that’s fine.  But THE EKKO HAS REGULAR PROPANE TANKS!  Why not use them and be able to use literally any propane accessory you can think of!  We already have a grill we like, that uses the disposable bottles.  This hose assembly will allow us to tap the regular propane tanks, and adapt them in place of the disposable bottles.  No more throw-away bottles.  Score!

9. A Mini Projector

Since Stef and I saw the bedroom area in the EKKO, we’ve had this idea.  We’re not interested in the TV option.  It’s not that we don’t watch things… it’s just not usually live TV.  We tend to download things to our devices to watch.  But being separated by twin beds… we’d need a pretty big device to watch together.  So we saw the cabinets over the head of the bed, with power… and figured we could mount a mini projector there to project whatever we want from our devices to a screen.  What do you think?

10. Portable Projection Screen

Well duh!  If we’ve got the mini projector, we’re going to need some kind of screen to show things on, right?  This 50 inch projector screen collapses into itself.  I’m thinking I can mount it to the ceiling somehow so it will be out of the way when we’re not watching it.  We’ll have to wait until we get our EKKO and measure it to see what will fit, but this is the one that I’ve got in my cart for now.


Maybe I Didn’t Do Such a Good Job At This

If you came here looking for a gift guide, well, this really wasn’t that.

Unless you were buying gifts for me.

In which case, this list was perfect!  Seriously though, I hope you are able to take advantage of the Camping World discount codes through Cyber Monday.

And if, like me, you’re pacing the floor awaiting the arrival of your new Winnebago EKKO, I’d actually love to hear what’s in your cart right now.  Sound off below!