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The contestants of our Biggest Loser-style competition have survived 3 full weeks of fitness challenges, and are still going strong. You’ll remember, we broke the staff of The Hitch House Motorhome Specialists into 2 teams: Team Stef and Team James for 12 weeks of fitness fun and big losing (get it?!?).

Check out the video to see the contestants in action and find out the current competition standings.

Remember how impressed we were when the Week 1 winner did 109,000 steps? Well now that we’ve passed Week’s 3 challenges, half the contestants have “stepped” up and are doing that many! And one staff actually logged an insane 297,000 steps in one week. Yes, you read that right. ONE WEEK! That’s something like 41,000 steps a day. You’ll meet her in the video, and she’s definitely a competitor to keep your eye on.

Apparently, The Hitch House is packed full of highly competitive people, because just wait until you see how many pushups and wall sits the contestants did in a week…all in the video. Spoiler alert: it’s phenomenal!

Want to get a feel for what the contestants are going through? You can give it a try, too. See if you can beat their weekly steps record of 297,000. Or how about their squat record: 1225 in one week. Heck, even try it for a day. It’ll give you a true appreciation for the contest and what it takes to win! I mean lose (get it, again?!?!).

As always, the contestants truly appreciate your comments and encouragement, so please leave some love below!