Finally! Our Big Reveal is Later Today!

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I don’t totally get how all the press releases work, but since Winnebago’s press release about their new campervan model the “Boldt” has been officially released, we can talk about it, too!

Later today (4pm mountain), James and I will be doing a video walk-through of both floorplans of the Boldt as well as the completely revamped View. If you’re an anti-Facebooker and don’t want to watch on Winnebago’s Facebook page, you can see it here on our YouTube:


But, the Boldt and the View aren’t all the news there is coming out of our video!

There’s yet ANOTHER product that’s tied in to the “big announcement”:

The National Park Foundation Limited Edition Travato!

Russ will explain everything at the very end of the reveal, and we’ll be sharing how that will be affecting us too, so stick around through the end!

And don’t forget GoRVing is doing their own “reveal” of the RVs here at RVX that won awards for Best-in-Class at 1pm mountain over on their Facebook page. We’ll be attending in-person and we can’t wait!



After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    23 thoughts on “Finally! Our Big Reveal is Later Today!

    1. Larry Lenamon II

      Hi Stef and James,

      Just wanted to see if you had any updates and insights on the Lithium system after using the NPF Travato for a bit now. Specifically, any noticeable enhancements with the 11.6 vs the 8.7 kW system given your typical usage while on the road?

      Also, do you feel the Pure3 system is robust and simple enough for a Travato used as a rental and is the general population even ready for it? My hope is that it is. I know, loaded question, but your real world experience and expertise is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

    2. Rob

      What’s the brand and model of the new quieter A/C unit in this new Travato? Does it seem much quieter? Thanks for the video.

    3. John

      James can you confirm the wheels and more agreesive tire spec. I was looking at putting moto metal “970 euro van” on our 2019 Travato 59GL. I think that’s whats on your special edition. We have the Koni shocks installed. Amazing! 1st install in States. Great handling and smooth ride.

      Thank you

    4. Steve

      Great video and update! Have a blast this Summer.
      While you are there at RVX, could you ask Russ when he thinks the 4×4 on the new chassis will be available? My local MB Sprinter dealer says the 4×4 will be in short supply.
      Also, do you think the National Park Travato is insulated as well as the Boldt?

    5. Toni

      WOW! These are really awesome upgrades! The BOLDT would have had us hooked! And the new interior color scheme is beautiful! We JUST bought our 2019 View and are waiting for some modifications from the dealer before bringing her home. I teased my husband that when the 2020 came out it would practically drive itself and then we’d be looking at our “19 and wishing we’d waited. But I guess that’s the way the RV world rolls. I’m just going to have to start thinking of them like children, you really shouldn’t choose a favorite or a better, just different. I have to say, this is the right kind of different!

    6. Chris Mack

      Great reveal and have fun touring in the new Travato. Do you have any idea why Winnebago is using propane in the new Boldt? I mentioned it about Coachmen in your 24A review as well. I would so much rather have one fuel source. I love the direction that the coach builders are going though. Maybe things just aren’t moving fast enough for me.

      1. James

        I’ve mentioned this to Winnebago about the propane.
        Just my opinion here, but I think it could be an option somewhere down the road. (That is certainly not an official statement of product direction from Winnebago.)
        For the time being, the propane Truma Combi is extremely reliable, works at a greater range of altitudes, and is less expensive to install than the diesel heating systems. I expect those were all considerations for Winnebago in choosing propane for this coach. At least the tank is enormous…

        1. Chris Mack

          Thanks for the reply. I did not know about the altitude issue. I just cringe when a coach is so close to eliminating the propane. My other thought was that Mercedes second fuel tap only allows you to go down to 25% of the diesel. That may have been another consideration, but I feel that cost was probably the biggest factor. On this coach, I think that the 21 gallon fresh tank would end up being your limiting factor for boondocking though.

    7. Maggie Graeber

      Fantastic reveal! Hope you guys make it to Florida in your summer travels with the new Travato! Looks awesome!

      1. Bruce L

        Thanks for the update. There is much to like about the Boldt. We want to get a van this year and would choose the Boldt over the Revel if it had the lift bed.

    8. Jacqueline Milton

      Hey Stef and James I didn’t get everything right with my guess about the big reveal. I was right about you being chosen to be ambassadors for Winnebego amd getting an Rv prototpe to drive . A new travato with 30% is really fabulous.

      You deserve everything. I was excited all day leading up to the live reveal. My husband Greg and I will be buying an Rv this Year. I was looking at the Gallaria 24A, the Pleasure Way Plateau TS and now the Boldt is grabing our attention. Thanks for everything that you do. Continue to live and embrace life to its fullest.

        1. Graham Smith

          Come to mention it, I see nothing about a second alternator in the online Boldt specs. That’s really odd.

      1. Geno

        You can carry a 2.2kW Honda generator with a propane conversion like from and run it off your van’s propane tank. Since it’s not mounted in the van you won’t even hear it running. Basically it generates 1 kWh per pound of propane so you could boondock with air conditioning for a week without starting your engine. It won’t stink like a gasoline gen so you can keep in inside or leave it behind when not needed.

        Hey James – see if you can try this to do some “glamping” on your extended test drive!

    9. Sherri Garrett

      Thanks so much. We really enjoyed seeing all the new Winnebago products.

      The Boldt is fantastic. I love the four season capability. There is just something special about the National Park Travato. It makes you smile. You are going to have so much fun!

    10. Maureen McKenna

      Thanks for a great video! We are very interested in this Limited Edition Travato but can’t find any info about specs or pricing or availability on the Winnebago website. Can you let us know where we can get that information and when it will be available? Thanks!

    11. Deb

      Winnebago is AWESOME!!!! Love the support for our national parks! Way to go Winnebago!

      Also, MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS to Stef and James!!!! I’m so excited for you guys! You’re the best!


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