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I don’t totally get how all the press releases work, but since Winnebago’s press release about their new campervan model the “Boldt” has been officially released, we can talk about it, too!

Later today (4pm mountain), James and I will be doing a video walk-through of both floorplans of the Boldt as well as the completely revamped View. If you’re an anti-Facebooker and don’t want to watch on Winnebago’s Facebook page, you can see it here on our YouTube:


But, the Boldt and the View aren’t all the news there is coming out of our video!

There’s yet ANOTHER product that’s tied in to the “big announcement”:

The National Park Foundation Limited Edition Travato!

Russ will explain everything at the very end of the reveal, and we’ll be sharing how that will be affecting us too, so stick around through the end!

And don’t forget GoRVing is doing their own “reveal” of the RVs here at RVX that won awards for Best-in-Class at 1pm mountain over on their Facebook page. We’ll be attending in-person and we can’t wait!