Gossner Foods, Logan UT – a favorite RV stop!

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One of our favorite RV weekend getaways is just a short drive north of here…Logan, Utah.  The road between Logan and Bear Lake (US 89) is one of the most beautiful drives in the US, if you ask me.  I’ve done the drive many times, and still get just as excited as the first time.  We typically spend most of our time at Bear Lake whenever we head up that way.  But, on the way home, we never forget to stop at Gossner Foods – it’s a dairy that’s open directly to the public.  This is where we took the RV this past weekend.


Growing up on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, I knew my dairy products well.  In fact, my grandpa owned a dairy in Clinton, Iowa…Elmwood Dairy.  My dad continued the dairy line and spent his working years directing various dairies around the US.  I have fond memories of tasting strange ice cream flavors, riding on conveyor belts in the dairy, watching milk be bottled, and eating squeaky cheese till my belly ached.  So! When I endorse a dairy, it’s with full cheesehead snobbery that I do so.


Our favorite purchase at Gossner Foods are the little milk box singles they sell. They are shelf stable and last for months!  James and I buy a few cases each time we visit.  The Gossner milk boxes are great for RVing, especially since our RV fridge is so tiny.  We only have to keep two in the fridge at a time.  Nice!  They also offer unique milk box flavors, like mango, cookies & cream, and banana.  Grandbaby Amelia’s favorite is the good old chocolate milk box.  She’s definitely female.  Already a chocoholic.


Gossner also has a little sampler buffet inside their store.  Not sure what flavor cheese curd to buy?  No problem!  Sample as much as you want!  My favorite is the smoked cheddar cheese curds, but the taco ones are a close second.  Gossner’s cheese spreads are quite popular, too.  This past trip, we discovered a new one we both loved: smoked Swiss and onion.  It’s my new favorite, trumping the jalapeno spread I used to crave.  Luckily, the spreads freeze well, and I’m happy to report I’ve probably got enough to keep me up to my eyeballs in cheese spreads for the next 10 years.  Perhaps we overbought.

If you find yourself in Utah, definitely check out Bear Lake! But of course, any Bear Lake trip isn’t complete without a “cheese curds stop” at Gossner’s.  Squeak squeak!



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      1. James

        Yes, it’s fine for recipes. (We’ve used it.)
        I don’t know about central Michigan. You’d have to call Gossner directly and ask.


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