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The newly renovated Das Bus was sitting pretty at Great Basin National Park in Nevada this past weekend.  The off-season, beautiful weather, and lack of crowds would have made this a perfect weekend trip.  Well, it would have been perfect, except for the mysterious water leak.  More on that later. Sigh…


The hiking was spectacular. No, James isn’t posing.  That’s just how he stands.


Definitely do the cave tour when you go!

The only problem: When we woke up Sunday morning, James noticed a big water puddle under the RV. Bye-bye perfect weekend! From there, he spent the next couple hours disassembling the kitchen to get to the water pipes, and I made myself scarce. I like my head bite-free, ya know?  On the plus side, I spent the time doing exercises on the picnic table, practicing balances on some boulders by the stream, and doing some sprint intervals through the park.  Fit your exercise in anywhere you can, friends.

In the end, the plumbing fix couldn’t be finished until we got home.  Sir Grump-A-Lot put the kibosh on the rest of the days’ plans (ghost town exploring) and we headed directly home so he could make several trips to Home Depot and Camping World. Let’s hope that our next trip will be RV-drama free.  I doubt it, though. Good thing James is handy with a traveling toolbox.

Still. I highly recommend the park, and I hope we can go back soon!