Happy 1st Birthday, The Fit RV!

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A year ago this week, The Fit RV website went live.  James and I were perplexed. How does one celebrate the 1st birthday of their website?

James: “Should we go out to eat or something?”

Me: “Do we make a cake? Have people over?”

In the end, we decided to watch a Star Trek episode and called it good. Happy birthday, Fit RV. Live long and prosper.

This big milestone has caused me to do a lot of reflection on our past year. New grandbaby, our big breakdown in Oregon, checking out RVs in Italy…when you put it all down, it’s actually been quite a ride. It dawned on me that pretty much all our adventures and best memories of the past year revolved around RVing. Well, okay, with the exception of the new grandbaby. The RV wasn’t involved in THAT, at least we hope.

In honor of our first year here at the Fit RV, I decided to create a little Year in Review timeline; looking back at some of our favorite memories and posts. I’d also like to take a moment to say thanks to YOU, our readers. We started with 30 readers a week (gotta love the relatives) and now have 2,000. You all make this so fun for us, and we really do appreciate your support of our little website!


The Fit RV’s 1st Birthday: A Look Back…


—————May 2013—————

And we’re off! While James obsessed about buying a bicycle rickshaw he found, second grandbaby Eli was born. By the way, this is how we do birth announcements here at the Fit RV…

Photo of Baby with Baby Cart


—————June 2013—————

James filmed his popular video, “What to Keep in  your RV Toolkit,” while I created one of my favorite workouts, “Fun with Swings.” Why should the kids should get all the fun? (And look how little grandbaby Amelia was…awww! She’s the one who stars in our toilet paper test video!)

Playground swing exercises


—————July 2013—————

We excitedly embarked on our big Volcano Tour RV trip, only to break down and get stranded in Oregon for 8 more days than we would have preferred. At least it led to some funny blogging…

Leaving Oregon


—————August 2013—————

Despite James’ insane marriage theory, we had a blast filming this Partner Resistance Band Workout. Those cool train cars you see are overnight lodging!  Also in August, James nearly cycles himself to death ahead of the professional peloton in the Tour of Utah.

Railroad Park Stretch Band Workout


—————September 2013—————-

After discovering I’m allergic to rodeos, we found ourselves in Iowa and Illinois this month. This is where we learned that if you “forbid” an old stone staircase of exactly one thousand steps through the woods, it suddenly makes it quite attractive.

bridge 2


—————October 2013—————

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Pomona RV Show. Caught up with Dean from Leisure Travel Vans and shot this video with him.  This was also the first event where we actually got recognized! We felt like superstars, it was a pretty cool moment.



—————November 2013—————

While man (and woman) cannot live by RV alone, we headed to Italy! James wrote some totally over-exaggerated blogs about our time there, AND! We checked out some European RV’s with our friends from Centro Caravan Costantini. You can check them out, too, in this video we shot.



—————December 2013—————

Das Bus got repainted!  Plus…and this one completely shocked us…my silly little Healthy Gummy Bear Recipe went viral on Pinterest. Still today, five months later, about 5 people per day are “repinning” that post. Apparently, people like their healthy candies. Or they just like pinning things on Pinterest. Either way, I’m thrilled.

Healthy RV Snack-Yummy Gummies


—————January 2014—————-

We were tickled that we got invited to help promote the Texas RV Supersale this month. We actually set up a booth and had a blast meeting readers and making new RV friends. Here’s a cool video James shot during our time there; all about picking a first camper. Son Tyler and his wife Anna and both the grandbabies make an appearance!

South Texas RV SuperSale 1


—————February 2014—————-

James, inspired by the cool wooden shower mats we saw in the European RV’s, built one for Das Bus. We also took the RV to Moab, Utah, where we searched for goat-skin leggings with crampons, blew out our radiator hose, and filmed this review of Portal RV Resort. A typical adventure, Fit RV style.

Hiking Trails Moab Arches National Park


—————-March 2014—————

We became a little obsessed with our new resistance bands kit, and that was pretty much the highlight of March, unless you count James’ 3M Crystalline Window Tint experiment. He was determined to prove he didn’t waste hundreds of dollars on VERY expensive window film to keep the RV cab cool. You’ll have to check out his experiment to see if we got our money’s worth. And while you’re at it, check out our amazing new Bodylastics resistance bands duffel bag kit! Here are two posts where we put the kit to use: an abs workout shot with a beautiful backdrop along the Colorado River, and an arms workout shot under duress.



—————April 2014—————

And here we are, up to the present time. James just became “Professor Poo” with his latest toy; the RV Black Tank Simulator. I don’t even know what more to say about that. (Except, does that make me Mrs. Poo? Oh, dear…) You can take his poll and vote for the next black tank experiment you’d like to see HERE. Me, I’m more interested in what color he’ll use for his simulated waste. The fuschia was cool, but maybe turquoise next time?

BTS - Cover Shot


So, that’s pretty much how our year went in a nutshell….lots of adventures and even a few misadventures. Still we’ve been pretty blessed, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I cannot wait to see what this coming year will bring! Hopefully, you’ll stick around and join us for the ride; because RVing is MUCH much better with friends.

Hope to see you on the road, gang!

James Stef Adinaro Fit RV Birthday

Next year there’ll be TWO candles!!!

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