Hi from our Europe trip! So far so good…

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Guten Tag, all!

It’s…oh I don’t know, maybe around midnight here in Europe? Our sleep is all jacked, I’ve given up on time altogether. I know, I know, poor me. Suffering jet lag while off having incredible bucket-list overseas adventures. My life is hard.


I’ve been putting up loads of pictures on our Facebook and Instagram, and your comments are what inspired us to make this quick little video update. We do a walk-through of the rig we’re rolling in, and a quick recap of the campground we stayed in last night. European campgrounds are SOOO interesting. I especially love the fresh baked bread and croissants in the morning.

Why don’t ALL campgrounds do this??!!??

Also, want to do a quick thank-you shout-out to our friends at Truma. Truma is a Munich-based company that makes high-tech RV appliances, and they’re sponsoring our European RV trip. Incredible, right?!? When Truma brought their first products to the US a few years back, James and I were some of their first fans. The industry needed a shake-up and some innovation. Truma has certainly provided that.  So if all you Facebookers wouldn’t mind heading over to the Truma North America Facebook page and giving them a “like”, we’d appreciate it.

We’re hitting the highway… er… autobahn… in this baby!

I’ll leave it at that and get back to my vacation now.

Or maybe I’ll try to sleep.

Or hey, you think a midnight jog would be too weird?



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    21 thoughts on “Hi from our Europe trip! So far so good…

    1. Stefan

      Hey guys,
      looking into renting in the Germany / Austria area for next summer.
      Would you mind sharing the RV rental company you used and how your experience was with them?

      1. James

        Our trip was sponsored by Truma, and the rig we used was one of theirs.
        The only rental people in Europe we have any direct experience with are the great folks at Centro Caravan Costantini outside of Rome. (But that’s a bit far from where you’re going.)

    2. Bridgette

      Have a fantastic time. Trier is one of my favorite places in Germany, along with the Mosel area. Wine festival is a blast. I miss EU and even after six years living there? I could not see all I wanted. So enjoy every moment. Thanks for sharing it with us.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Thanks, Bridgette! Neat you lived here 6 years. We didn’t make it to Mosel or Trier this time, but I’m adding them to the list for NEXT time! xoxo

    3. Simonne

      We are fulltimers and a fan of your show, from the Netherlands.
      I just wanted to say Welcome to Europe!
      We are leaving for Spain and Morocco in a few weeks.
      We’re trying to follow the sun!
      Have a good trip!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Hi Simonne, glad you stopped by to say hi! Hope your Spain and Morocco adventures are incredible and we wish we were there too! xoxo

    4. DT

      As a Brit and aspiring RVer I’m enjoying all your adventures and upgrades. Just wanted to say welcome to Europe. Soo many lovely places to explore. Most places speak English and even if they don’t everyone is friendly. Enjoy.
      Currently compiling my RV build list and Truma are on it :).

      1. James

        Everyone here has been super friendly! We’ve had a blast, and are already planning a longer trip sometime in the future.

    5. Lynn Carr

      So do most of the people you meet speak English? Do you have to show your passports when traveling across borders? Can you use credit cards? Is the internet easy to use? The RV looks great, very modern. Have the best time!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Yep, they’re used to English speakers around everywhere we’ve been so far. Although last night’s dinner our Swiss waitress struggled a little and when I started asking about wines, she gave up on us and had her friend take over…lol! No passports necessary to cross borders…so far we’ve crossed into Austria, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. It can be hard to even know when one country ends and the other begins! Our credit cards work no problem, but sadly very few places take AmEx and that’s the one we get no fees on. Also, it’s pretty common to have euro-only restaurants. Using internet no problem, we just use our phones and connection has been fantastic over here! We made sure to get international plans established before coming over. xoxo

    6. Bob B

      Looks/sounds like you have a great trip planned.

      So, when is Truma bringing their “quiet” A/C unit to North America?

      Catch up on your sleep; jet lag will be gone in a day or two.

      1. James

        I don’t think Truma has any plans to bring their AC units over. The BTU output of European units is typically less than what we expect in North America. Plus, they’re 250 volt.
        It would be nice to have something this quiet though…

        1. Steve and Teresa

          Maybe you could encourage them to make a US version considering the market size and the desparate need for a quiet AC unit.

        2. James

          We’ve tried, but they seem reluctant.
          If they ever do decide to make one, we’ll be first in line!

        1. Maggie Graeber

          LOL Honestly, don’t worry about emptying the cassette. We were eight of us on a five-week trip through Europe. Three adults, two teens and three kids using the cassette toilet. Joe emptied it with no problem. Considering he wouldn’t change a dirty diaper when our kids were little because all I heard was “can’t breathe, I’m gagging here, come please”, he emptied the cassette without a problem,. Hopefully, it will work for you guys as well. .Fingers crossed! Have a wonderful time, be safe and take a bunch of pics.

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