Hurray! We’re Two!

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This week, The Fit RV celebrated its second anniversary – if you can call getting the bill for another year’s hosting charges “celebrating”.  Since neither Stef nor I knew exactly how to celebrate the second anniversary of a website, I did what any sane, rational 21st century human would do.

I Googled:

“how to celebrate the second anniversary of our website”

And then clicked on the first thing that came up. 5 easy steps. Great.

  1. Be conscious of the gift expectations for a second anniversary. Cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift.
  2. Purchase the gift. Decide whether you’d like to purchase your gift as a couple, or whether you’d rather give each other a surprise.
  3. Arrange a break. Try to get away from it all and have a mini-honeymoon style holiday.
  4. Do something fun together. If you don’t feel like going away, organize a fun activity together instead.
  5. Keep mementos. Prepare a scrapbook, or make a digital photo album, to remember the occasion.


Let’s just say the first four steps were a total failure. Stef and I arranged a break, and went to Walgreens, as a couple, to buy some cotton. To make it “fun”, I wore a hat.

yay. anniversary.

Step 5 however, was a bit more successful. As The Fit RV is a website, we already have a de facto digital album. So I’ll use the remainder of this space to sum up our highlights and lowlights from the past year.


———- May 2014 ———-

May found us returning from Advanced RV’s rally through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This is where we had one of our most memorable bike rides of all time, and depending on whether you talk to me or Stef, it was either the most awesomest ride ever, or the most terrifying ride ever.

Angry Buffalo

———- June 2014 ———-

Looking back, I’m labeling June of 2014 “flush month”. As I was despondent over the state of our seemingly-doomed-never-to-be-complete RV carport, I put up videos of black tank flushing tests, and of flushing the water heater.  On a less flush-y note, Stef did share our chicken salad recipe, and I promise, it’s awesome.

Subway Chicken Salad Recipe

———- July 2014 ———-

July saw us pointing Das Bus towards Steamboat Colorado, where we put together a review of Steamboat Campground, as well as climbed mountains, rode bikes, and other fun stuff. And while reviewing our photos from past trips, Stef proclaimed Michigan as the country’s funniest state. This should give you some idea why:

It’s even more bizarre when you see it in person.

———- August 2014 ———-

In what has become our most popular video ever, we tackled that age old question: “Do Ice Cubes in your Black Tank Really Work?” (spoiler alert: no) Stef also set the record straight about how much walking we really need to do to stay fit. And finally, after taking 10 months to build what is basically a roof on poles, we finished the RV carport.

RV Carport Final

———- September 2014 ———-

The arrival of fall also means the arrival of RV Show Season. We headed to Texas to participate in one in Dallas. This meant a lot of driving. Besides our video of how to survive long drives, Stef posted what would be the first installment of the travelogue from our ill-fated trip to Texas.

Muffler Man Helper UT

———- October 2014 ———-

It’s only just now that I can laugh about it, but October saw the last installments of our comically bad trip to Texas: How Not to Visit Texas, part 1 and part 2. After those 16 hours of nonstop driving, we were glad to stretch out with Stef’s stretches for RVers. We also made our annual pilgrimage to Pomona for the California RV show, where we met up with Pleasure-Way CEO Dean Rumpel, and got a first look at the Dynamax REV.

2nd Amemdment Cowboy

Strangely, the 2nd Amendment Cowboy does not himself carry a firearm.

———- November 2014 ———-

November was the month I started on building a new entertainment center. And yes, I realize that has nothing to do with RVs. And no, I still haven’t finished it – 5 months later. Don’t remind Stef, because she’ll nag me. We also used the unseasonably warm weather to film a fun partner stretching video.

Planing Leg Material

———- December 2014 ———-

I took a break from injuring myself on the entertainment center to slingshot crickets onto our RV windshield!! (Yes, you read that right.) And Stef posted her Curried Cauliflower Bisque recipe, which was very welcome the two days this past winter when it actually got cold (which were also in December).

Testing Scrubless Bug-Away

It’s exactly what it looks like.

———- January, 2015 ———-

January was a busy month. Stef tackled an important topic, why balance declines with age. But we also started our version of a Biggest-Loser style competition with the staff of The Hitch House, up in Barrie, Ontario. We also used The Fit RV to work ourselves into the Outdoor Retailer Show, where we searched out cool new products for RVers, like Compression socks and a self-burning grill!

Burnie Grill

———- February 2015 ———-

February saw the first of our Travato videos, and we really hit it off with the Winnebegans. I also spent way too much time programming in Javascript to produce a gas vs. diesel break even calculator that you can run right from the web page. And most awesomely, Stef created a healthy donut recipe (if there can be such a thing). Even if they were healthier than a regular donut, I’m sure the health benefits have worn thin by the time you eat 9 of them, as I did.

Baked Doughnuts Recipe with Maple

———- March 2015 ———-

March was fun. We took a trip to Forest City, Iowa, where I got to destroy things in the Winnebago Labs!  We also hosted our first give away, and three lucky (and creative) readers got free Burnie Grills.  And Stef shared some of her RVing roots (and groovy old photos).

Stef Adinaro in Open Road RV Van

That’s actually Stef!

———- April 2015 ———-

And here we are today. Already in April, we’ve posted our second Winnebago Travato review. And Stef misappropriated my picture to use in her article about how to start running when you’re older. I am so NOT older.  I still feel 17.

Jogging Warmup

So there you have it, our second year. Stef and I both still work, but looking back, it seems like we sure made the most of those vacation days and weekends. We’re thankful for the readers and viewers we’ve picked up along the way, and we can’t wait to see what next year will bring. We hope you’ll be along for the ride as we drive on into our third year.

See you on the road!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    12 thoughts on “Hurray! We’re Two!

    1. Tom Cahill

      Happy Anniversary. I love your newsletter/blog/website. We have taken a couple of RV trips (rented) with our family and enjoyed them immensely. We stayed away from the RV parks which I thought pretty horrible and stuck to the state or national campgrounds which were great. I see our own RV in our future (and I’m working on getting my wife on board). Since I do imagine doing this all 4 seasons (we ski) I wondered how well a non 4×4 sprinter does in the snow? We are used to driving in all sorts of weather and have an AWD Honda Pilot. For those occasional times when absolutely necessary we can put it into 4 WD .Do you know if the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter Chassis comes (or can be obtained in 4×4). We don’t need a Sportsmobile able to crawl over boulders but something that can handle snow on unplowed (or poorly plowed) roads.

      If you ever need a place to stay outside of the RV you have a place to stay in Pittsburgh with us . You could do The Dirty Dozen Race.

      Best Regards,

      1. James - Post author

        Thanks Tom!!
        Our non-4×4 Sprinter has done just fine in the snow. Of course, we have good snow tires, so that helps. We’ve also never tried to take it off-road in the snow. But plowed and unplowed roads have not been any problem for us.
        Regular cars are both Subaru, so we’re used to good snow handling. Even though it’s RWD, I haven’t been disappointed with the Sprinter – but then I don’t expect it to be a Subaru either.
        But, you CAN get a Sprinter in 4WD. Advanced-RV had one in-progress when we were there – you can see a quick glimpse of it in our latest Advanced RV video.
        The Dirty Dozen looks hilarious! As a non-climber who throws himself at climbs anyway, I may have to try that.

    2. Mohammed

      Hi guys, congrats on the fit rv’s anneversary.

      I was wondering, what is the length of the fit rv? and what are the measuements of the inside, lenght and width?


      1. James - Post author

        Honestly, I’ve never measured the inside.
        On the outside, she is 22 feet 9 inches long (bumper to bumper), and 7 feet 6 inches wide (mirror to mirror).
        I can stand up comfortably, and I’m 5’10”, so the I terror height is fine for us.

    3. Mike Bucalo

      Stef & James, Congratulations on reaching your second year. We really enjoy your help and entertainment.Much success in the future.


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