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Greetings, fellow RV buffs!

We have a trip to Scottsdale planned, and the timing couldn’t be better. Apparently in Salt Lake City, Winter is the new Spring.

Baby in Snow

Yes, that is snow on the ground.  In April.  Even grand-baby Amelia was clearly unimpressed, since just last week she was frolicking in her plastic pool.

On our way back from Scottsdale, we plan to stay at the Grand Canyon and do some hiking.  Trouble is, James and I have different ideas about hiking.  For one thing, I have a bit of a problem with heights.  Okay, so maybe it’s a big problem.  Whenever we choose hiking routes, the first thing I investigate is if they are “woopsie” trails.  That’s my name for trails that run along an edge of a dropoff; “Woopsie! I’m falling to my death!”  I boycott woopsie trails, which happen to be James’ favorite type of trail.  He likes to get as close as he can to the edge because he thinks it’s funny when I hyperventilate.

James has been on me to purchase some new heavy duty hiking shoes for years now.  Since we had a pretty substantial REI dividend check AND since all of the Grand Canyon is one big woopsie trail, I finally agreed.  Check out my new Keens!


I have horribly wide feet (gee, thanks mom) and Keens tend to run wide.  REI had no hikers in wide widths (bad REI!).  SO!  I went up in size and settled on these beasts. I’ve been breaking them in all day today, and so far it seems my bunions approve.

Better get prepping for the trip. See you on the road! Or on the trails (but not the woopsie trails)!