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Free stuff makes me happy. Even happier, when I can get you free stuff, too! In honor of having a fit and healthy season this fall, we’re hosting a Sweepstakes Giveaway!

The Fit RV Sweepstakes

Grandgirl Amelia’s quite excited about this!

We’ve got products that promote a healthy and active lifestyle…athletic hats, running & hiking socks, and tons of health products from our big sponsor Hylands Health. All of the sponsored products are things I use in my own fitness arsenal.

“Sounds, cool! How do I enter?”

It’s pretty simple, all you do is leave your name and email on the sweepstakes page (click here!). It’s all private, no one will see it but us. There will be drawings every week up until Thanksgiving, but you only have to enter once. If you win, I’ll email you and let you know. At that time, you’ll give me your mailing address, and whichever prize you won will be mailed directly to you.FitRV 5K Challenge Hylands Logo

The contest is running concurrently with our 5k Challenge, though you don’t have to enter a 5k, nor do you have to follow our 5k training plans to enter the sweepstakes. But, of course we’d love it if you DID follow our 5k training plans…and HERE’S WHY.

Hope you all are having a healthy and happy fall so far!