Join Us for the New Solis Reveal this Friday!

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James and I have had a big secret for the past month. Genetically speaking, I wasn’t designed to keep secrets, so it’s been sort of killing me. Now that we’re close to the big reveal day, I can finally begin to talk about it. Not on the details of the secret yet… just that we HAVE a secret. Phew! See how this is hard for me??? Here’s what I can tell you:

Winnebago has already announced that they’re going to be revealing something this coming Friday in their ‘Solis’ world. In their annoucement, they called it a new 2021 Solis. So there you go, that’s what our secret is about. Winnebago had asked us to take the new Solis out test-camping, and that’s what we’ve been doing. We can’t wait to tell you all about it! We will be hosting the reveal of the new Solis on Winnebago’s behalf this Friday during the online launch event!!!

Before I give anything else away, I’m officially inviting y’all to the online reveal. You’ll have two options to livestream our pre-filmed tour of the new Solis. You can either log on to Winnebago’s Facebook page and stream there, OR! You can log on to TheFitRV’s YouTube, and stream it there. Both will be happening concurrently and it’s the exact same video. The video will be pre-filmed so we’ll be watching the livestream on YouTube along with you and available to live chat and answer questions. So if you want to talk to us, watch on YouTube! Make sure you “like” our FitRV YouTube channel and you’ll get an alert when the livestream starts.



So anyways, that’s all I can say about THAT. I hope you’ll come watch! I can’t wait to share our thoughts on the new Solis and hear what y’all think, too. Oh and I also saw there’s a Revel reveal happening on Friday morning over on Winnebago’s Facebook page too… but I know NOTHING about that. I just saw the event. No inside scoop on what’s going on there, but hopefully it’s something cool too!

Until Friday, folks!



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    17 thoughts on “Join Us for the New Solis Reveal this Friday!

    1. Steve Krejsa

      About “partial” winterizing the Solis – would any harm be done putting some regular auto antifreeze in the toilet cassette and/or down a drain into the gray tank? If I use an electric space heater to keep coach temp, say, above mid-40s, would I be safe with fresh water in the tank?

      1. James

        We do not recommend using automotive anti freeze for any RV plumbing purpose.
        I’d also drain the water system for winter storage.

      1. James

        Yeah. I’ve seen that one.
        It’s about $1.60 per flush.
        If it were only used for solid waste, we’d have something to talk about.
        But spending $1.60 every time someone has to pee… not reasonable.

        1. James

          They all require significant amounts of propane or electricity that make them less reasonable for a small RV.
          For a cabin in the woods with a couple hundred gallon propane tank… yes. 2.6 gallon propane tank… no.

    2. Graham Smith

      Did you get along with the cassette toilet any better you did in your prior test? We are seeing them more but having to dump every couple days seems like it could be a problem some places.

      1. James

        Using *literally* 8 times the recommended amount of chemical helps. Seriously. We used the recommendation for a 40 gallon tank in the 5 gallon cassette.
        It’s still not our favorite. And it’s still no fun to have to empty the thing every other day.
        But after our European experience (where the cassette is not optional), we’ve gotten better at it.
        Plus… a cassette is easier to remove than a standard RV toilet…

        1. James

          Nope. The disposables cost for the ones I’ve seen are unreasonable.
          If you’ve got a model I haven’t seen, I’m all ears.

    3. Maj Ivarsson

      Hi there from Sweden.
      We have just looked at your presentation of the new model 2021 Solis 59PX. Really looks like a good RV. Is the car “further from the start” or does Winnebago extend the car. Then we wonder if it is only meant to withstand type 6 months of use, or is it RV that is classified for use even in winter. Is it possible to have it equipped with water-borne heating with type ALDE. Can you get it with Lithium batteries, such as LANCE is equipped? Have a good time and continue with your wonderful and informative Videos.
      Sincerely. May Jan and LOKE.

    4. Rocinante

      Hi there! We always enjoy your videos. Looking forward to your live Solis review today.

      We would *love* to see you do a review of the 2021 Ford Passage 148 by Midwest Automotive Designs. This thing looks awesome, and they say they plan to put this on the Ford Transit 4×4 chassis in addition to the 2-wheel drive chassis units they’ve built so far. We know exactly what we want in a Class B RV, and this one seems to check a lot of the boxes. A video from you would tell us everything we need to know. Say safe, and please do consider a review. 🙂

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Right on! We’ve seen those before at RV shows but yep you’re right haven’t done a review yet and would like to! Fingers crossed it’s not too long before RV shows start back up and things get closer to ‘normal’ and we can start knocking out reviews again! See ya at the Solis premier in a few hours! We’ll be watching along and chatting in the comments!

    5. will Williams

      Just a “small” comment

      I’m excited about the (hopefully) new updates. I love the current short size of the Solis and the layout, almost perfect. We are just hoping for the poptop to be an option and the addition of air condition and an inverter.

      Hoping for improvements in Quality Control too.
      The Solis has the potential to be the perfect Campervan!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        I’d love to hear your impressions after you watch! Just a couple more hours, I can’t wait!!!


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