Join Us for Two Cycling Events! (Live or Virtually)

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(With instructions on what to get me for my birthday.)

I’ve had cycling on the brain lately.  Actually, I’ve had cycling on the brain since at least August of 1983, if you can believe this photo…

I’ve still got those shorts, too.  Yeah, baby!

But seriously, cycling has been on my mind more than usual because Stef and I have two fun cycling events coming up in the near future that you can join us for.


The Sea Otter Classic!

First, there’s your chance to ride with us in person.  Stef and I will be hosting a group for Winnebago Outdoor Adventures at the Sea Otter Classic, from April 19th to 22nd.  Even though the event is run by Winnebago Outdoor Adventures,  it’s open to owners of ANY kind of small RV!  SO – Pleasure-Way owners, Safari Condo owners, Leisure Travel Van owners… If you’re into cycling and you have a smaller RV – you’re invited!

The Fondo from last year’s Sea Otter!

Besides the festival itself, and hanging out with the coolest RV hostess in the world (Stef), we’ve got you hooked up with Trek Bicycle as well.  Some of Trek’s product managers and hopefully an athlete or two will be joining our group’s opening night happy hour event.  But better than that, they’ll be bringing some brand new bikes to our happy hour! And I mean, NEW new bikes.  Like, serial number 1 of a brand new model.  Nobody has seen them yet, and they aren’t allowing demos of these new bikes at Sea Otter except for us – because our Sea Otter group rocks!

We’ll also be riding the Fondos, watching the races, having our own group rides, and dining at beer gardens throughout the week.  Who knows.  If I’m feeling it, I may even dust off my racing license for the circuit race.

Me (pink) in my last mass-start race.

The RV campsites at Sea Otter are sold out, but Winnebago still has a few left.  If you’re interested, contact Merrisa with Winnebago Outdoor Adventures, she’s the event’s coordinator and is ready to help. Her phone number is: 641-585-6267 and her email is: [email protected].


My Mallorca Birthday Bonanza – THIS FREAKING WEEK!

Fifty or so years ago, this happened.

Why do people do this to their kids? Why???

It’s been at least six days now since anyone’s taken my picture naked in the bathtub.  So to celebrate, Stef and I are traveling to Mallorca with Trek Travel for a week-long cycling camp.  I’m going to think it’s awesome, and Stef is going to think it’s terrifying.

Iowa: not terrifying, according to Stef.

Now, it’s probably a bit late for you to just drop everything and head to Mallorca with us, but you can still follow along!

Stef and I will be posting, tweeting, photographing and filming our way through the whole trip.  Stef runs our Facebook and Instagram pages, where you’ll find inspiration and pretty pictures.  I run our Twitter feed, where you’re likely to find snarky comments, 15-year-old humor, and pictures of things that don’t make sense.  But, if you follow our Twitter feed, I’ll be posting our rides live, so you can follow along.  (Although it will be stupid early in the morning over here, so maybe just check in on that later…)  Those rides will look like this.



Send Presents!

And if you do feel like getting me something for my birthday (hint, hint), here’s what I want you to do: Send me a link to your favorite ride down in the comments!  You can even send us a link to your own GPS track of the ride.  Strava.  Garmin Connect.  Ride with GPS.  Map My Ride.  We’ll take them all!

Whatever your favorite ride is, there’s a pretty good chance I haven’t done it, and I always appreciate ride suggestions.  That way, when we’re in your neck of the woods, we’ve got a known good ride to try.  Plus, there’s the chance that this will inspire you to get on the bike yourself.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Gotta pack!


James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    8 thoughts on “Join Us for Two Cycling Events! (Live or Virtually)

    1. Jon

      We have quite the cycling scene happening in NW Arkansas—road, MTB, gravel and more. My go-to route is the Winslow Death March (, but we have hundreds more. More info at Would love to see Lance cruise through town one of these days.

      I took delivery on a new 59G yesterday, very much under y’all’s influence. I’m busily outfitting it for the upcoming racing season. Appreciate all the info and good will.

      1. James - Post author

        Awesome. Thanks for the rides, and welcome to Travato-hood! (I just made up that word.)
        We’ve actually gotten pretty close to Arkansas on a number of occasions. This may be the nudge we need to finally make it there.

      1. James - Post author

        Yes! Awesome! Thank you!
        Stef loves Napa. We cycled there a few years ago, but were just winging it. We’re due for a re-visit. And we visit So Cal every year for the Pomona show, so that will on our list for sure. Thanks so much!

    2. Ron

      Last year here are some rides we enjoyed on road trip -Joshua Tree Pk. Blvd + Keys View (early morning from Jumbo Rks), Montezuma Valley Road from Anza Borrego SP + Camp/ride Julian area (Wm. Heise County Pk.), Hwy 89A Mingus Mtn. from Dead Horse State Pk., Hwy 742 Taylor Canyon from Gunnison, Garden of Gods from Manitou Springs. Will be travelling through Utah/ Idaho mid May-June and will need to do research for loops, hills & events. You’ll need to share some time.

    3. Alain

      Happy birthday,

      Here is the route for my favorite bike ride. It’s an annual event in Mauricie National parc. On the day of the event, the road is closed to all car traffic. The starting and arrival point is at one of the National parc campgrounds. It is a real popular event and the campground booked up in 2 minutes when the reservations opened. The route is nice, even on a regular non-event day. They are doing major road work this summer, so I can’t wait to see if they improve the shoulders. Also, great lakes for kayaking and SUP and mountain bike trails.

      Full disclosure, I only do the short event, haft way and back. It’s quite hilly.

    4. Indy Cyclist

      That looks like two fun and wonderful events. Wish I could join you for both of them. I am looking forward to following both of you on Strava and thanks for posting.


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