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“I’d like to tell you about my clothing sponsor,” isn’t really something I ever pictured myself saying.

I mean, let’s face it… I’m a guy.  And while looking good is important to me, I also have a T-shirt in my wardrobe that is – very literally – 27 years old!  So while I’m flabbergasted that I’ve had a loyal and supportive clothing sponsor for several years now, I’m also proud to be partnered with them.  You can see some of the reasons why in this short video:


Ecōths (and their sister company, Aventura) came onto our radar several years ago as we were attending one of our first Outdoor Retailer shows.  Aventura had an ambassador program and we all wanted to meet to see how Stef would fit in as one of their Ambassadors.  The Outdoor Retailer show itself is pretty interesting as it relates to outdoor apparel.  It’s a big deal with buyers visiting vendors and placing orders for things you won’t see in the stores for almost a year.  We had no idea exactly how intense the show was back then.

Long story short, Stef’s meeting with Aventura went well and she asked them: “Do you have a similar program for men?”  Well, they didn’t.  What happened next is a mystery.  Maybe they took pity on my wardrobe?  Maybe they wanted Stef in their ambassador program badly enough that they thought they could put up with a little baggage (me)?  I don’t know exactly what happened, but they decided to work something up so that I could participate as well, and I’ve been wearing mostly Ecōths ever since.

In a nutshell full of comprehension-friendly bullet points, here’s why I feel great about partnering with them:

  • Ecōths makes some good looking, outdoor focused stuff.  (All of the other bullet points would be meaningless without this one.)
  • Their clothes fit great with the RV lifestyle.  Most don’t require ironing.  The fabrics are easy care.  And they have thoughtful features like cell phone pockets and glasses-cleaning wipes built in.
  • They’re a big supporter of Fair Trade practices.
  • For each piece of clothing they sell, they donate meals to local food banks.


So anyways, there you go.  While I’m certainly no fashion expert, I do know what I like and what feels good.  If you’re like me, you’d do well to put Ecōths on your radar, get yourself some good looking clothes, and help do some good while you’re at it.  And if you’e interested in trying out Ecōths, sound off in the comments below… we should talk.