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Hey Fit RV friends! Hopefully your Christmas was merry, your weather was dreamy, and your RVs were parked near family and friends today! Here in Salt Lake City, we had a surprise snowstorm that thwarted our plans to leave for Bryce Canyon National Park in the RV, but I really can’t complain. It was that big-flake type of snowfall, where everything is magically still and quiet. Peaceful. The kind where you want to wear your fleece pj’s all day with your hands wrapped around a warm mug of something yummy. Perhaps it’s the novelty of it. It’s our first big snowfall of the year. Daughter Mackenzie snapped this pic today when she came over to help us eat through Christmas Eve’s leftovers:

Snow Over Cottonwood Heights Utah

“Happiness is…first tracks on fresh snow.”

Since we had our motley crew over for Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve,

Xmas 2015 with The Fit RV family

Christmas day was pleasantly uneventful for James and me. After all, we were supposed to be on the road all day! Oh well, Bryce Canyon will be there next week. Or should I say next YEAR!!!!