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Well I’m doing things a little cattywampus. James and I have just engaged in two consecutive, but completely different exciting weeks, and I’m about to tell you about the LAST week first. Can’t help it; it’s more fresh in my head…PLUS! My parents always used to tell me my timing on everything in life always opposes nature. So, recapping out of order is part of my legacy. Just go with it.

Outdoor Retailer Demo Day 2016 a

Last week was the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City! It’s our favorite trade show of the year, and we oh-so look forward to it every August and January. It’s only open to people in the outdoor industry…so, sorry gang! Not open to the public. As “working media” (ha! yeah right), they actually let me and James in. We talk about the Outdoor Retailer show all the time around the website here, but have never really explained it. So! Thought this time around I’d share some photos.

Outdoor Retailer Demo Day 2016 b

The first day of the show is called Demo Day. In the summer, that involves demo-ing people-powered watercrafts, so Demo Day happens on a lake.

Outdoor Retailer Demo Day SUP

And as the name implies, you can try out all the water toys you’d like. It’s a tough life, this “working media” gig.

Outdoor Retailer Demo Day Winnebago 4x4 RV Booth Camper Van

But other super cool exhibits are along the lake shore on Demo Day, too. Yep, Winnebago was there! If you didn’t see James’ video of the new concept 4×4 that was at the show, check it out HERE. Since we’re friends with the Winnebago crew, we made this our home base between the very serious business of testing out paddle boards and kayaks.

And then from Day 2 on, the show moves to downtown Salt Lake City inside a giant convention center.

Outdoor Retailer Salt Palace 2016 a

But, the show is so huge, it actually spills outside the convention center, and across the street inside giant tents (AKA pavilions) set up in a downtown parking lot that takes up an entire city block. Winnebago was set up out front of Pavilion #2….here’s half their booth:

Outdoor Retailer 2016 WGO Booth Display

We’re so glad the Winnebagans come to the show each year because they bring snacks and a cooler filled with an endless supply of icy cold drinks and we know where they stash it.

Outdoor Retailer 2016 Salt Palace SLC

When we’re not mooching off the Winnebago booth, James and I spend our time scouting out cool products for RVers. Here are a few of the booths we stopped at:

Outdoor Retailer Smith Helmets

Smith Optics. They make high quality cycling helmets and sunglasses. James had a pretty scary finish line crash once. Flipped over the front of his handlebars and landed on his head. It left him unconscious and in an ambulance 30 miles from the nearest hospital with me driving like such a maniac behind the ambulance that they actually stopped the ambulance and very nicely told me to back off. I don’t want to ever go through that again. (The crash part, not the being-chastised-by-the-ambulance-driver part…well ok not that either.) So we don’t mess around when it comes to our helmets, and we hope you won’t either. Please, friends, always wear them, and don’t skimp on the cheap ones. Smith uses MIPS technology; look it up. James is ordering their “Overtake” helmet and I’m getting their “Route.” Plus this new helmet won’t allow any bees to fly in and sting him. Seriously, he’s a bee magnet, they think he’s a flower or something. And hey look! They have a photo of James on the Smith counter!

OR Feetures Socks

Feetures. I spotted their booth strolling by, and had to run in and tell them, “Guys! You’re my most favorite running socks ever!” I’m so glad I did because we each got a free pair for stopping by! SCORE!

Outdoor Retailer Blowup Chair

Aero Lounger. Oh my I loved this. This blowup chair packs down to nothing. You simply open it up, let it catch the breeze and it fills itself up! You roll up the end, and there you go! A lounger OR a water float!

Outdoor Retailer Camping Blow Torch

Bernzomatic Camping Blow Torch. As “Working Media,” we get hundreds of emails from Outdoor Retailer exhibitors before the show, letting us know about their products. This is one that unleashed James’ inner-15-year-old immediately. The email started, “Stop by our booth and see all the 100’s of things you can do with a blow torch at your campsite!” James forwarded it to me and in all caps said “OMG WE MUST STOP AT THIS BOOTH CAN WE PLEASE CAN WE PLEASE!!!” So, here he is, on Day 1, visiting the blow torch booth, pretty much our first stop. They even gave him one to take home. Speaking of, he’s been quiet the past couple hours….hopefully he didn’t find where I hid it.

OR Ecoths 1


Ecoths. James and I are brand ambassadors for Ecoths Clothing (the men’s line) and Aventura (the women’s stuff). We’re pretty proud to represent these brands, and love that they attend Outdoor Retailer each year. The clothes are geared for outdoorsy types and are perfect for travel, too. They’re eco-friendly, ridiculously comfy, high-quality, and the best part: they give a huge chunk of the proceeds back to charity. Pretty much anything James wears that isn’t a t-shirt with a stupid joke on it is from Ecoths. And y’all know how persnickety he is about things.

Over in the Pavilions area of the show, there’s a pool set up where manufacturers can do demonstrations of their products throughout the show.

Outdoor Retailer Demo Glide Paddle Board Side Plank

I was SO thrilled to be invited to participate in a yoga demonstration using FitFloats by Glide. Sort of a paddle board made for pools and geared for fitness instead of actual paddling.

Outdoor Retailer Paddle Board Demo Glide Boards

I’m putting a bunch of photos in here because I’m hoping to convince the Program Manager, Warren, at the amazing rec center where I’m a personal trainer, that we need these boards for one of our 5 beautiful pools! Ahem, Warren:

Outdoor Retailer Paddle Board Demo Glide Twist Standing

And if anyone wants to HELP me convince Warren we need these, feel free to leave him a comment below, and I’ll make sure he sees them.

Outdoor Retailer Paddle Board Demo Glide Twist

I’ve been in the market for some good paddle boards for us personally for over a year now. I just love stand-up paddleboarding. The show was a great venue for me to narrow down my options, meet the manufacturers, and actually test drive a bazillion different brands. I’ll keep you posted on what we end up choosing…but I’m SOOO close!

Outdoor Retailer Winnebago Stef James Adinaro Fit RV

So, there you are! A little glimpse at our week at the super-awesome Outdoor Retailer show. The show wrapped up on Saturday, and we celebrated by having a bunch of our industry friends over at our house that evening where we collectively solved all the world’s problems, designed new concept RVs, and bonded over the best grilled chicken in all of Salt Lake. Sometimes, I just have to marvel at the places this little Fit RV website takes us and the people we get to meet along the way….and it makes me feel so lucky. See you in January, Outdoor Retailer!