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James is in France!


I dropped him off at the airport a few days ago and it’s been a Stef-and-Mel-Gone-Wild-in-the-RV show ever since. For me, that means historical fiction audiobooks read with British accents, roadside stops to check out kitschy tourist stands, and getting the whole Lance bed to myself.

Well ALMOST all to myself.

For Mel, having no James means getting away with things he normally can’t, like bossing me around with extra sneak attacks and getting on counters.

This pic is gonna drive James nuts.

One of the highlights of the Stef-Gone-Wild saga has been roadtripping to meet up with my lovely daughter Mackenzie. She lives 4 hours from us, so any excuse I get to go see her cute face makes me smile.

She turns 26 soon… so weird. Just yesterday she was 6!!!

And of course, no roadtrip is complete without reading books to cats:


Yeah really, it’s a thing. I met up with my daughter-in-law and the two grandmunchkins at an animal shelter. Apparently, there’s a program where they encourage kids to come in and spend time in the cat rooms reading books to cats. Who knew?

After this trip, the next big trip we take is Utah to Iowa, coming up in mid-July. We’ll be headed to Winnebago’s annual rally…GNR (Grand National Rally). Thousands come for this, and in our van section we’re expecting around 50 other vans. I’ll lead some workouts at the rally, James will lead some road rides, and we’ll jump from event to event throughout the whirlwind of a week. It’s sort of like a big family reunion and I look forward to it every year.


So there you go! Consider yourselves updated. Mel’s ready and raring to get back on the road, so I better hit it before he goes into full-on attack-cat mode. Although first I’m blending up a watermelon smoothie; posting recipe here tomorrow! Hard to beat roadtripping with an icy-cold healthy drink, an ankle-biting cat, the hubby away on a cycling-trip-of-a-lifetime, and a British-fiction audiobook! Life is so freaking amazing some days, isn’t it?

Wave if you see me roll by!

Mel took this one. 😉

xoxo, Stef (and Mel!)