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“Plan to have your plans change.” I used to tell the kids that all the time growing up. I heard it somewhere once, found it clever, and made it my own. As if I’m above life’s curveballs and am a go-with-the-flow kind of gal. Yeah, right. The RV broke down on us recently. Two days before our biggest road trip of the year.  Plan to have your plans change, right?! NO! I’ve yo-yoed between being super sad and childishly petulant about it all week. James, the hopeless optimist, has been trying to make the most of it.

Hubby James: (bedtime) Just think, if we’d been on our trip, tonight we’d be sleeping at a Walmart parking lot in Winnemucca.  Instead we get to be home in our own bed!

Me: Yeah, wow, right. Just think, WE’D BE ON OUR TRIP. Boy that would suck.

Hubby James: And this way, we can get yardwork done! Plan to have your plans change! This is good!

Me: Golly, you’re sure right, honey. Yardwork. Instead of vacation. It’s everyone’s dream!

I want to take that saying and stick it in the black tank. Sorry to my kids who had to hear it growing up, I get the eye rolls now. The saying stinks. I’ll find a new one.

But alas! There is great news here this am! Das Bus’s physician called and said the patient is ready to roll! So, today’s the day, folks. We roll out in a few hours, and only lost a week. The house sitter is on his way and our trip binder of fun is in the co-pilot side pocket. Oh happy day!

Fit RV Road Trip Binder

We plan to make 6 new workout videos during this trip. We won’t be putting them up until we return, though, so you won’t see any new ones for a while. You can check out the old school workout video we made just last night here. I’m most excited about a partner stretch band workout video we’ll be making at Mt. Shasta. Knowing James, we’ll have a riot filming it. Stay tuned folks!

And now I’m off to get my mitts on the grandbabies. I’ve gotten spoiled having them just down the street. They’re going to be missed terribly while we’re roadtripping, so I’ve got to get my fix! Eli’s 5 weeks now, and he’s going to change so much while I’ m gone.

If anyone else is out roadtripping the next few weeks and you’ll be in Oregon/Washington, hit us up! Maybe we’ll be close and can meet up! We love meeting up with Fit RV friends on the road. Safe and healthy travels, all!