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Good morning, friends!  So excited to be working on the grocery list for this weekend’s RV trip to southern Utah.  James says it takes quite a princess to add fresh basil and sundried tomatoes to a camping list, and I admit it, I’m a bit of a glamper (glamorous camper).  Nothing too over the top just yet since our small Class B keeps my glamping tempered.  But just you look out when we become full-timers!

I think this one from Newell would do…

James has a bike race series in St. George this weekend.  That means lots of pre-race grouchiness and egg-shell walking (I’m sure you can guess who is doing which).  We always laugh about it afterwards, but it never fails.  James can’t prep for race festivities without increasing the depth of his frown lines.  That’s okay, I’ve had RV Fever for months and can’t wait to get back on the road.  Nothing can get me down, HUP HUP!  I love the excitement of prepping for a trip; of time with my main squeeze in our fort.  Our bubble. Our escape. RV Love!


Perhaps a distant cousin of Das Bus??

The grocery list is done and now on to the workout planning list for the trip. After all, exercise is as non-negotiable as food, is it not?

See you on the road! (or, maybe, at the bike race!)