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We had some visitors to the Fit RV headquarters for the past few days. My son Tyler and his family brought their new Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX travel trailer for a Modpalooza long weekend of moddy mod mod fun.

Of all the mods they’ve completed since arriving, I’d suspect THIS one was James’ favorite. And by favorite I mean all-time favorite RV mod, and that’s thanks to the assistant he had on this particular project.

Besides me, there is only one other female on the planet James can’t say no to, and that’s grandgirl Punky (or Amelia). So when she shared that she wanted the bunk area in her family’s Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX to be darker, private, and the window itself more insulative, James worked with her and her parents to make it happen.

They started on this many weeks ago, back when James had Amelia pick the fabric she wanted. She chose a thick dark blue upholstery, since she’s hoping to make the space comfortably dark for sleeping. Once that was purchased, James got to work sewing two things with it:

1) A pair of privacy curtains. These separate the bunkbeds from the rest of the RV, and will be great when Punky or her little brother Marshmallow want some privacy. I expect they’ll mostly get use when they’re either annoyed with their parents or each other.  It’s not as effective as slamming the door, but these two kids are creative. I’m sure they’ll find a way to add a dramatic flair to whipping their bunk curtains shut when the mood suits them.

2) A thermal window covering. There’s only one window in the entire bunk area and its placement is in the top bunk area, which is Punky’s bunk. After their maiden voyage, which was a winter camping trip, she didn’t like how she felt cold coming through the window. So! James designed one similar to other thermal van window coverings. It’s 3 layers thick, with the upholstery fabric, Thinsulate, and then a silver reflective material. He sewed in some magnets so it goes up easy as can be. And it also accordion folds so she has options how much window she wants exposed.

Here’s a YouTube ‘Short’ giving you a look. I’m so glad to see James getting use out of his sewing machine, beyond my shower bag! Enjoy the vid!