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You know that song… “sailing, take me away to where I’m going…doo dit…” ?

It’s been stuck in my head all weekend. And even as I sit here typing, I still feel like I’m swaying along with the boat after yesterday’s sailing adventures (not a terrible feeling at all).  The song remains stuck there.

That’s okay, it’s a small price to pay, because turns out we’re big fans of sailing.

The Fit RV Sailing Adventure

Here I am acting as Pit Man. Or was it Skipper? And let me emphasize “acting.”

James and I took Das Bus out for the weekend, in what we expect will be our last trip ever with her. We didn’t wander far from home, just about an hour south actually, to Utah Lake State Park.

The Fit RV Sails

Hard to see it in the pic, but it was HEAVILY snowing cottonwood. Trees are currently growing in my lungs, I’m sure.

Bonneville School of Sailing operates on the lake. They offer all sorts of sailing experiences, from basic cruises to advanced learn-to-sail experiences. Plus with a campground AND a bike trail right next to the dock…does this have our names all over it or what?

The Fit RV Sailing

So, let me give you all a little sailing lesson now that I’m a pro. The first thing, for you future sailors, when you go out sailing, is you better be prepared to learn a whole new language. Sailing is packed full of crazy lingo, and unless you want to be the next Peter Peachfuzz, you better learn it quickly.

The Fit RV James Sails

James as the “driver,” doing his best Washington-Crossing-the-Delaware impression. More like Gilligan, if you ask me.

For example. You can “jibe” or you can “tack.” Both are names for technical turns you do either into the wind or away from the wind. I’m not exactly sure which is which, but I do know that “jibing” is WAY more fun, since the boat pretty much ends up at a 45 degree angle, with everybody on the verge of spilling out before it straightens itself. And let me clarify, that’s “jibing” with a “B”. I actually just learned that post-trip. All day sailing, I was saying “jive.” No wonder no one laughed as I started doing the hand jive. When it was my turn as driver though, our pilot wouldn’t let me do a “jibe.” But I DID get to do a “tack,” and that’s pretty cool, too.

The Fit RV Sailing Fun Stef

Here’s me trimming the new jib sheet on the starboard tack as the sails luff. (I actually have no clue what any of that means.)

We sailed until sunset…and wow. I’ve seen a lot of sunsets in all our adventures. But as the waters calmed, and the lake emptied of all other boats, and everything quieted, experiencing the sunset from the boat was almost surreal.

The Fit RV Sailing Sunset

Honey, I think next we should buy a sailboat.

How do you top an RV adventure like that? I’ll TELL you how! You wake up the next morning, throw open the RV door, and take off on unknown biking adventures! (with a little mis-adventure thrown in…as always)

The Fit RV Flat Tire

Flat tires, empty water bottles, grumpy husbands, and 100+ degrees. It must be selfie-time!

Stay tuned for part 2!