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Well gang, it happened.

James and I just picked up our brand new EKKO. YEAHHHH!

The Alleged EKKO no longer.

It’s crazy. For the past however many years, we’ve been whining about wanting a ‘C Minus’ with a bike garage… why wasn’t there anything like that over here, yada yada, broken record… and now FINALLY here we are: WE HAVE A C MINUS!

Whine and you shall receive.

Ours is the very first EKKO delivered to a customer, how cool is that?! We’re pretty sure that’s because Winnebago has us creating videos for their “How To EKKO” website, so they’re motivated for us to hurry up and get started on that. Creating those instructional vids is going to keep us busy on top of our already busy default mode. But it’ll be a fun project and an interesting challenge! It’s really good James is so smart. Can you imagine if it was me scripting the How To vids? “To work the Truma, just turn the doohickey and push the thingy till you get it; I’ll be rooting for you cuz you rock!!! Don’t forget to exercise!” Lucky for new EKKO owners I’ll be leaving the scripts to James.


We still are shaking the new EKKO down and testing everything out— still getting to know it. Once we do, we’ll be sure to share our impressions. So far, all is well and as expected and we LOVE IT! Since we had so much time with the test EKKO “Testy”, we’re already familiar with everything and there have been no surprises.


Testy’s twin!

If you’re excited to see where we’ll take it first, don’t be. We’ll be heading back home to the Fit RV HQ. Besides the How To EKKO project, James cannot wait to begin tearing it apart and modding away. And since I’m looking forward to some of his first mods, I’m happy to indulge him getting his way on this one. Luckily the female memory is long, so I can file this away and use it in the future sometime when I want to get MY way…

While James continues to obsess over mods, here’s what I’m obsessing over:

  1. What in the world should we name it?
  2. Is it a him or a her?
  3. Where will I put my travel stickers?
  4. I want all new throw pillows for the beds. What should I get?
  5. When James drives, Mel is determined to be co-pilot. How do I keep Mel from stealing my seat every time I get up?



First world problems indeed and we are truly grateful and blessed. More to come. In the meantime, be well, all! Don’t forget to exercise, because YOU ROCK!



In the words of The Count, “One! Ah Ah Ahhh…”