The “RV Survival Kit” is Here! (And We Have a Discount for You)

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I’ve been writing about the development of this kit for months, you’ve had a chance to contribute suggestions, and now it’s here – and we’ve got a coupon for our readers!  The RV Survival Kit, whose prototype I described a couple weeks ago in this post, is now in final form and available for sale from  If you order your RV Survival Kit before the end of January, 2016, you can use the following coupon code to get $15 off the retail price:


RV Survival KitThe RV Survival Kit is intended to keep 2 people going for a couple of days in an emergency.  This is for the people.  There will be other kits coming out in the next few months that are aimed at the RV.  One of the kits will be intended for those who travel mainly to RV parks, and the other will be aimed at those who venture out into more “remote” areas.  The idea here is that you get one of the RV Emergency Kits depending on your style of camping; and then you get an RV Survival Kit to cover each pair of people in your RV.  So this first module is just the Survival kit.

Here are the contents of the survival kit:

Heavy-Duty Compact Utility Bag with Handle and Shoulder Strap1
Emergency Food Bar (2400 Calorie)2
Emergency Drinking Water Pouch (4.22oz)12
AquaTabs Water Purification Tablets10
Solar / Hand-Crank NOAA/FM/AM Radio with LED Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger1
Green Lightstick (12-Hour)2
Plastic Whistle with Lanyard1
Emergency Communications Card2
Particulate Dust Mask (N-95)2
Nitrile Gloves (Pair)4
Hand Sanitizer (2oz)1
Moist Towelette6
Emergency Survival Blanket2
Biohazard Waste Bag1
Waterproof Poncho2
Hand Warmer (Pair)4
Duct Tape (10 Yards)1
Waterproof Matches40
Notepad and Pencil1

One of the more interesting items in the kit is the hand-held, hand-cranked radio/phone charger/flashlight/kitchen-sink.  It doesn’t require batteries, so it’s perfect for an emergency kit (where you may forget to change the batteries periodically).   It will even charge your phone.  It looks like this:

RV Survival Kit Charger

And also, if you go to the page, you can see a picture of what the food bar looks like unwrapped.  To me, this looks like a big giant 2400 calorie sugar cookie and I’m hungry just looking at it.  It makes me wonder if these things would be good to take along on the bike.  I mean, if they’re that calorie dense, then that’s perfect for eating on the bike, right?  Are they as tasty as they look?  I don’t know, but expect a full review of the kit in a future post (where I’ll eat the food).

RV Survival Kit Food

The other two kits will be coming in the next months, along with an “RV” section on  But in the meantime, go nuts with the coupon code!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    5 thoughts on “The “RV Survival Kit” is Here! (And We Have a Discount for You)

    1. JB

      Hello James, We’re in the research stage of buying our first RV (probably a Class B ala Coach House Arriva or Avion Azur). Several of your articles have already been helpful in defining our needs/wants. Likewise, the kit described above will be one of our first post-purchase buys.

      I have 2 questions along those lines:
      – Is there a companion kit to your emergency kit that defines what supplies new RVers will need to start RVing once they buy the RV itself?
      – Do you know of any testimonials or reviews regarding the Avion Azur (I’ve seen several on the Arriva)?


      1. James - Post author

        Glad you’ve found our site helpful.

        I don’t know if there is a “RV Starter Kit”, but that sort of sounds like what you’re after. Most RVs will come with the basics, but you’ll want to get water hoses, sewer hoses, pressure regulators, etc. that suit how you intend to use the rig. That might not be a bad idea for a post some day. The only trouble is that all RVs are different, and what might be absolutely essential if you bought RV “A” might be superfluous if you buy RV “B”. Still, it’s an interesting idea for a post.

        I’ve not seen any reviews on the Avion Azur. (Haven’t seen one, either!)


    2. BobB

      James and Stef,

      I know you are working on other types of emergency kits, so thought you might be interested in recent posts on Wirecutter/Sweethome:

      The Sweethome one is a DIYer, but lots of info on sources for items. The other link is from Wirecutter link to “Inner Vision” – the title and graphics are unique

    3. HilaryC

      Your survival kit looks good and will be ordering one as I plan on some wilderness camping.
      There is one,thing that I have, purchased at an outdoor store. It is called “Life Straw Go” a bottle with a advanced filter. It claims to turn any water into drinkable water. For example out of a stream if you were hiking. Have tried it and it does leave a chemical taste but if you don’t get sick small price to,pay. Look it up I would be curious to hear what you think. They also help 3rd world areas to obtain safe water supply when you purchase a new filter.

      1. James - Post author

        We have a life straw as well. They gave us one at the Outdoor Retailer show this past summer. Haven’t used it yet though.
        Also have a backpacker’s water filter/pump. That works really well (just not all that fast). We don’t usually bring it in the RV though.
        Although, if we were going really far out for a while, I might consider bringing something like that.


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