The Solis 59PX Picture Palooza!

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Besides the Solis 59PX video we made, we also took a bunch of pictures of the Solis during our camping trips in it. I’ve been posting them to the FitRV’s Facebook page and Instagram, but I thought it made sense to have them all in one space too. There are only a handful of 59PX’s floating around right now, and I know pictures are rare! Hopefully this helps those of you who are considering this as your next RV.

AND! Did you know there’s a “How To Solis” resource? It’s a website that works as an app on your phone, filled with short simple how-to videos that address pretty much everything you can think of about the Solis. James and I filmed a dozen of the vids ourselves, so make sure you check that out by clicking this handy dandy graphic I made:


Regarding all the pics I’ve shared below I do have one request:  YouTubers, bloggers, and websites, feel free to share the link to this blog post all you want, but please ask before using these pics!

And now on with the Solis 59PX Picture Palooza!

Let us know your comments and questions down below. We love hearing your thoughts on this new rig! Enjoy the pics!































After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    21 thoughts on “The Solis 59PX Picture Palooza!

    1. Jim

      Thanks for the videos…really like them!

      How did you feel using the cassette toilet, especially considering your bad experience of the past?

      And in the same light, do you think installing a composting toilet in the PX would be workable?


      1. James

        Easy question first – you absolutely could install a composting toilet in the Solis 59PX. However, you’d have a hole in the wall where the cassette backs out. Also, you’d probably want to make up some way it could rotate, since the cassette does and it’s pretty important in the small bathroom.

        We’ve mellowed somewhat in our hate for cassette toilets after being forced to use them in Europe. If you use – very literally – 8 TIMES the recommended amount of chemicals in them, they don’t smell quite as bad. Still not our favorite to empty, since US campgrounds aren’t set up to dump them reasonably. And getting up close and personal with an open-air waste stream still doesn’t rank too highly on our list…

    2. Anke

      Based on your experience with the PX, what are your thoughts about having a fan (with heat and rain sensor) installed in the pop-up, especially for days when the AC isn’t needed and the pop-up is down? Seems like it might be a good idea for air circulation and exhaust. Of course one problem might be getting power to it.

      1. James

        Well, never say never, but…
        There would be challenges. The roof of the pop-top is not designed for the fourteen inch reinforced cutout that is required for these fans.
        Nor is there power in the roof.

    3. Anke

      Great job on this and all your videos. I really like the Solis fir many reasons including the front dining area. Do the two seats behind the drivers recline a bit – there doesn’t seem to be room behind it but was wondering if the bottom slides forward to allow for putting the back down a bit. Also, could those seats be used to comfortably secure child car seats?

      1. James

        Those seats do not recline, as far as I recall. They are very sturdy, and could be used to anchor most any kind of car seat, but they do not have a top anchor point (or whatever it’s called).

    4. Ernest Craige

      We toured a PX this week and I realized I’d like more air movement on a hot day and don’t want to use the AC. Is it possible to install a ceiling (or wall) high-volume vent fan?

      1. James

        Well, with enough time and money, any RV mod is possible.
        Easiest solution would be to replace the air conditioning unit with a fan.

    5. Marty

      Nice review on the Solis PX. We will be first time RV buyers hopefully this month or week. I also saw the video that you guys are shopping for a new RV, poor Lance. I wish you were further along in revealing your decision though it seems you are moving up to class c.

      My wife and I are down to the solis px or the revel. I would like to hear your thoughts.

        1. Marty

          We did look at the 8 step everything but renting. We really seem torn between MB diesel or PM gas. We almost bought the Solis PX but I had concerns with the pop top and it rattling while driving. Also not sure how to handle the canvas was it gets wet and you want to close and go.

          Forums seem to indicate many issues with the MB…not knowing anything about vans is making our decision difficult.

          I wish you guys were further along in your decision

        2. James

          Having had both MB Diesel and PM Gas RVs over the years, we’re pretty ambivalent about the choice of chassis.
          It didn’t even come up in our discussion about our next RV.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        We didn’t have a problem with it. We just made sure to keep the window open, and it didn’t affect or limit our cooking in any way… we still cooked pretty much every meal in it without any issues!

    6. Bruce Montgomery

      hi james and stef
      i’m pretty sure u did a lengthy analysis of awnings awhile back and i removed others too questioning their merit.
      i’m redoing (i’m the designer) a 74 gmc mh, and thinking about an aluminum track / channel that is open buy tear drop in profile.
      i would use standard tarp to go
      down the channel and “lock it in” with flexible fiberglass poles( we have them here for marking curbs and hydrants in the snow).-
      then telescoping tent poles to elevate away from coach.

      1. James

        Well, the mounting method you’re describing is how the Glawning mounts to a standard RV awning. We know that works well for securing an awning to a rig, so I think it would work.

    7. Patrick Broos

      I’m delighted to see a major manufacturer working to improve the camping experience (e.g. quieter generator, quieter AC). As an industry leader, I hope Winnebago will retire the embarrassingly-bad two-handle shower faucet shown in the Solis video. That valve screams “cheap RV junk” to the educated buyer.

      A thermostatic shower valve would be a significant safety improvement, and would save the precious water currently wasted while fiddling with the knobs to get a comfortable temperature. It would scream “European RV quality” to the educated buyer. At Winnebago’s high volume of production, the wholesale cost of a thermostatic valve should be insignificant.

      James, what kind of shower valve do you have in Lance?

      Best Regards

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Yep, we have the thermostatic shower valve, too… but! Don’t forget, WGO has said that they’ve tried to keep the Solis simple and at a lower price point to reach a different customer. Seems like many Solis owners could care less about the shower anyways from what we’re seeing over on the Solis FB group. As tiny as the bathroom is, we sought out different shower sources on our Solis trips, too! 🙂

    8. Shaun Simpkins

      The L-tracks are an excellent solution designed for cargo handling. They’re inexpensive and there’s a large ecosystem of fittings for them. I’m glad to see WGO going with these for the storage area of the PX, and for providing a healthy complement of tracks.

      The RAM tracks used in the living areas of the Travato and Boldt are good for some things – mostly attaching device mounts and such – but are a LOT more expensive if all you want to do is lash down cargo. We use compatible hardware and fittings from folks like YakAttack and others… but are of two minds about their utility.

      Really nice how that folding bike tucks in below the bed.

      That A/C, though, is shoehorned in at the back! Might be room for a Houghton (but why, you ask?) but it could overhang the backup camera…

    9. Carol Melton

      Great shots! I really like the rack/hook system they’ve come up with, and the bar you showed in the video, that goes across the back to create a privacy curtain. And it’s cat-approved, what more could you ask for? Thanks for sharing the pictures.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        You’re welcome, Carol! Yep, those L-tracks are going to be so useful for securing all sorts of different gear back there. Can’t wait to see the creativity of the first PX owners using that back space!


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