Two Cool Events We’re Doing Next Week

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Well, we already told you we’d be at the Pomona RV Show October 7th-9th, BUT! Turns out there’s more to that.


We cordially invite you to:

The Fit RV Meet & Greet Event

2pm on Saturday the 8th


LOCATION: The Winnebago Class B display

HOSTED BY: Winnebago (how nice is that?!)

Since I run a Facebook group for Travato Owners and Wannabees, many people on the group have mentioned they plan to come to the show. We thought having a designated time would be a nice way for fellow owners and Fit RV followers to meet each OTHER, too, and not just us. Russ Garfin, product manager and Travato Godfather, will be in attendance, too…and he’s the real cool cat you want to meet! Plus, Winnebago has promised us SNACKS!

But, BEFORE all that fun, there’s another interesting event about to take place.


We cordially invite you to:

The Fit RV’s Live Paseo Debut Facebook Event

Thursday October 6th

Winnebago Paseo

We are so jazzed about this! Winnebago is about to release a brand new campervan model called the Paseo. It is unique because it’s their first class B built on the Ford Transit chassis. The Paseo makes its public debut at the Pomona show, BUT! You can see it first if you tune in to our live video event on Thursday, and watch us LIVE as we walk through it and check it out. Have I pointed out the LIVE thing enough yet? The cool thing about live events is that you can ask questions and interact as we’re filming! So, if there’s something you want us to take a closer look at, you can leave a comment and we’ll do so. At least that’s the idea. We’ve never done a Facebook Live event. Could be a total train-wreck, which might also be fun to watch.

So, make sure you like our Fit RV Facebook Page and the Winnebago Facebook Page. You’ll find the live event there.

Problem is, I don’t have an exact time for this Live event. Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem, I know. Winnebago has to do some juggling since their dealers will be doing trainings that day…and apparently training their dealers on the new rig takes precedence over our little media event. I know, so wrong. Keep checking back and I’ll update this post the minute I have a time. And if you can’t tune in, don’t worry. All the videos will be archived and we will eventually get them up right here on our site.

So yeah! There’s our two cool events next week. We’re still hanging on the Oregon coast being beach bums…but will eventually find our way down there. Hope to see you at Pomona, or see you commenting on the Live video! And by the way, you guys are the best readers EVER. Your comments and emails make my day.



After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    17 thoughts on “Two Cool Events We’re Doing Next Week

    1. Mike Yates

      Stef and James, thanks for the great site and hilarious and educational videos. My wife and I are planning on buying a B in about six months. So far we’ve narrowed it down to either the Era A or the Paseo. Other than a few reviews, we haven’t found that much on the Paseo. Our ping pong dialog lately is that we love the layout, front living area, fixed beds and finish of the Era A but the Paseo has the better utility. By this we mean, convection oven, compressor fridge, extended season plumbing, larger black and grey tanks (no cassette or composting for us), roof rack, bike racks, a better cockpit and unbelievable get up and go.

      Other than having to change from table to bed every night, (and a table that is too large for the benches) is the anything that steers you away from the Paseo? Other than this post, I haven’t heard you even mention it. If we go with the Paseo, I’m already planning on building a right sized table and a different way to support the bed.

      Thanks again for the great site, I think we’ve watched every video and almost all your articles in the past six months.

      1. James

        Hey Mike – There are actually some recent changes to the Paseo that you might be interested in. We did a Facebook Live event for Winnebago where we touched on them a bit. You should be able to find that on Winnebago’s Facebook Page.
        And next month at Pomona, we hope to come in early and do a full review of the Paseo before the crowds get there. (Of course, it will take us a while to get the review up after that, but before the end of the year for sure.)
        But if you need a Paseo fix right away, try the Facebook Live thing. Not our best work, but should give you a good idea of the Paseo changes.

        1. Mike Yates

          Stefany and James
          Thanks so much for the video of the 2018 ERA B, Paseo and Travato. It was exactly what I was hoping to learn and the new Era B looks like a contender for us. Have you named it yet? When you do, please make sure Russ is in the frame, I loved his face in the video when you named all three Eras.
          I also would like to thank you two for helping Lori, my wife, and I through the learning curve of the class B ecosystem. We are locked into buying a Winnebago B and without your site and videos, I’m not sure we would have landed there. I’m convinced that either the Era or Paseo will meet our needs and be good bang for our dollar.
          Lastly, after seeing pictures of your shop, again thank you James! I will never have to justify the purchase of more clamps again. With your love of tech, I was surprised to not see a SafeSaw in your shop. I have had one for two years and would never go without.
          Thanks again and happy traveling.

        2. Stefany - Post author

          Mike, your comment was so kind and made my day! Well except for the part where you named a tool that James doesn’t have, lol!!! James, my handsome little tool addict, don’t even think about it. Mike, you’ll have to keep us posted what you end up with! Hope someday our Winnebagos cross paths on the road! xoxo

    2. Andy & Kim

      Just watched your live feed – Great Job!!!
      That Paseo is a winner – way to go Russ. I especially like the storage, although we never saw the closet ;-(
      2 questions.
      What size inverted does it have
      What is used for privacy in the cab? I really like the curtain that James crafted for Lance.

      Not sure if we will make it out there this weekend, We may have to go next week due to the temperature (how is it there today)?. But we may surprise you.

      Happy Trails
      Andy & Kim

      P.S. James beware, I could have sworn I saw Selma-Patty lurking behind that silver Travato with a large blunt object.Watch your back and sell, sell, sell!!!!

      1. James

        Oh trust me – I am on the lookout for Selma-Patty…
        Hope you guys make it down. It’s hot, but nothing like last year!

    3. Bob

      LOL, train wrecks are sometimes more fun than the event itself.

      I think you could store a bike or bikes in the area between the “couches” if needed., taking the dinette down maybe?? You guys can comment on that Thursday

    4. Al Yaz

      Great to see the Ford chassis finally becoming available on B’s. Soon hopefully they will offer it in 4×4 and with the diesel as an option.

      Have fun you two, wish we could be there too.

    5. Gary

      I am inordinately excited about this news. Are you familiar with the floor plan yet? Another opportunity for a non-European builder to create an RV with indoor bike storage; will it be another crushing disappointment? Will I do the dance of joy or curl up in a corner and sob?

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Lol, Gary! The floor plan is pretty traditional for a Class B with the dinette across the back that converts to the bed and a wet bath behind drivers seat…a few pictures of it can be found online already! Even though the Paseo has a traditional layout, its design is pretty sweet, and has some unique features. No place for bikes inside but still I really like the look of it!

        1. Gary

          Sobbing in the corner it is. There are 50,000 traditional options. John Milton should have written a sequel: “Opportunity Lost.” Any chance they did something exciting in power management?

        2. Gary

          Never mind. Went to Winnebago and looked at the specs. Absolute waste of research and development time and finance.

        3. Stefany - Post author

          Awww, Gary, I’m not so sure about that! Winnebago has to build for the general RV consumer and that’s a tricky thing. I think this model will appeal to their target consumer… it’s a popular floorplan and at an incredible value. But just like you, would it work for me and James? Probably not. We need the inside garage for our bikes, so the Travato G with the raised bed remains the one for us.

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