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James and I had the opportunity to chat with Peggy and Tony Barthel of the ‘Stressless Camping’ podcast about staying fit while RVing. If you’re a podcast listener, check it out! 😀

Since it’s January, they wanted to talk about setting goals and New Years resolutions, so we went into that. I’m not a huge fan of traditional resolutions, so I covered how to do them right… so they’ll actually work. After talking about that, we shared some of our top tips, gear, and apps we use to keep our travels as healthed-up as we can.

And if you haven’t listened to any of Peggy and Tony’s podcasts yet, put them on your list. They cover all sorts of RV topics and tips… and they keep the conversations light and interesting. A great podcast for long driving days in the RV! (…except don’t have long driving days! Keep ’em short!)

xo, Stef