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James and I are on a hiatus from our national parks tour this month. We’re already back from the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in West Virginia, which was reason one for our national parks hiatus:


…and by the way, it was AWESOME! We went to “talk vans” in the Mercedes booth where they had both a Revel and a Boldt on display. Plus, we went to see some awesome racing. We sort of kind of like bikes. Like a lot.



Besides that, there’s another even bigger more epic reason we’re not in a national park at the moment.




We’ll be there as guests of Glawning.  Glawning is an RV-accessory company based in the Yorkshire area and they’re best known for their unique canvas tent structures that attach to campervans. They’re a popular and well-known brand in the UK, though I’ve never seen anything like it over here. Their ‘glawnings’ are pretty incredible:



We’ll be going to test out some of their products and give them our American-perspective on what we think. We’re also hoping to help them gather feedback from YOU! So, you can be sure we’ll be posting pictures on social media and posting here in the blog asking for your opinions. We’re so excited for this undertaking!

Here’s the best part. We’re going at the same time as the. UCI Road Cycling World Championships!!! We’ll actually be camping right near the course, IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT? Contain your excitement, it gets even better. We’ll be RIDING in the 60-mile Sportive event at the UCI Worlds…. OMG!!! I’m both thrilled and terrified at the same time. Because how do you train to ride on the wrong side of the road? The great news is Glawning, who has totally covered both our bike rentals and our event entry, made sure that our bikes will have the brakes switched, phew. If you weren’t aware, the bikes in the UK have brakes on opposite sides as ours, goes along with the whole wrong side of the road thing. So ours will be normal and there’ll be no unintentional forward flips over the handlebars, which is nice.

Besides catching a bunch of the UCI Worlds races and camping with a Glawning, we also plan to do touristy things… Whitby seaside for the best fish & chips in the UK, catching a British RV show, and of course, checking out Hogwarts.

We leave next week so right now we’re back at the sticks and bricks where James is knocking out projects on a friend’s van, and I’m desperately trying to build my cycling power threshold even though the Sportive is just over a week out.

Oh and did I mention the Sportive is like right after we get there?! Jet lag and bike racing and riding on the wrong side of the road… sounds perfectly insane to me. BRING IT ON!

Hey if y’all have any tips for the Yorkshire area of must do’s and see’s let us know! Oh hey and go check out Glawning and get prepped for helping us give them some good feedback. Stay tuned and come check back here on the blog for updates!