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Well, it’s November again. Since we’ve been home all month, I’ve had time to get a few projects cooking. Starting with my annual Class B Manufacturer List update.

Fall 2017 Class B Manufacturer List – Now including ridiculously tall coaches!

This year, only one builder dropped off the list, and I had four new Class B additions.  I couldn’t possibly cover them all, but there are also lots of new models and floor plans to choose from this year.  Maintaining the list is sort of a labor of love for me.  It’s been great to see the list explode from just a few manufacturers a couple years ago to over twenty today.  More evidence of the huge and growing popularity of this segment.

But that’s not all I’ve been up to lately.  I also upgraded the lithium battery system in Lance!

It’s not any bigger… but it is.

There will be a post with more details soon, but basically, Lithionics has been busy updating their batteries and BMS, and well… I just had to have it.  Our battery, which is still in the same size case, now has 525 usable amp-hours (up from 420), and the latest version of their BMS.

Believe it or not, the BMS is actually more exciting than the amp-hour upgrade.  Lithionics BMS now includes a feature that I’ve wondered why nobody has included since the dawn of lithium batteries:

Temperature monitoring.

Basically, the system can now prevent charging a frozen battery (which is very bad for lithium), and can prevent any kind of activity on a too-hot battery (which is also bad).  I really can’t wait to try this out, but first, I have to wait for it to get REALLY COLD.  Super-nerdy battery posts ahead!

This is almost an afterthought, but here’s another project I’ve started working on:  shelving for our galley cabinets.

Hey! I just remembered I love woodworking!

It felt good to be doing some straight-up woodworking for a change.  This is not nearly done yet, but I think it will work out just fine for us.  I’ll be making something for under the galley sink as well.

And finally, there’s this:

I decided I was “towable-curious”. 😉

I call him George.  He’ll be following Lance around sometimes.

Again – more details to come on that one when he’s ready for his debut.