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eBikes are popping up everywhere these days, even in the RV community.  So when we saw there was an eBike expo going on just downtown, we had to go see if we could find anything that would be of interest to RVers.  We found quite a bit, some of which you’ll see in this video:


Rather quickly after arriving, we realized that picking “THE” eBike for RVers would be like picking “THE” RV at an RV show.  You just can’t do it.  Everyone’s situation is unique, and everyone might want something a little different from an eBike.

So instead, we wandered around wide-eyed and test-rode about 50 different eBikes.  We eventually narrowed it down to 5 models that caught our eye for one reason or another.  Depending on what your needs and wants are, any of these bikes could be an excellent companion for your RV.

Trek Neko (Women’s) and Dual-Sport (Men’s)

Specialized Vado

Smartmotion Vista

Tempo Carmel

Giant Road-E

Each of them offers something unique, and we do our best to point those features out in the video.  See if one of them might match how you roll in your RV.

Finally, we did collect some basic data on these models (weight, price, that kind of thing), and we’re making that available to you in the following PDF.

eBikes for RVers Data Sheet

Happy trails to everyone (motorized or not)!