The Fit RV’s 5k Training Plan – WEEK 5

Four down and four to go. Congratulations on making it to the halfway point of your 8 week 5k training plan! James is sticking to it, too, and he’s pulling some fast times, I’m pretty proud of him.

Things this week are about to get interesting; oh yes, vurry, vurry interesting. Heh heh.

You’ll notice the second workout here at Week 5 has those fast intervals again. Now that you’ve done those already a couple times, try to amp up your speed even more. Be safe and smart, sure, but also be fast. The rest of this week’s workouts should be done at a slower, more comfortable pace.

And now here’s something completely new. On your last workout of this week, you’ll be running for distance, not time. This will take a little prep work on your part, because you’ll need to map out a 2 mile stretch to do the workout. This will be your longest time jogging thus far, since up to this point, we’ve been doing shorter intervals. It’s going to be a big change, so make sure you take those 2 miles slowly. They’ll take you anywhere from 16 minutes to 30 minutes…a total guess on my part, depending on your level. But, that’s a WHOLE lotta jogging. The longest straight jog you’ll have done up to that point is 10 minutes. So yeah, you’ll feel it. But you can do it!

And a quick reminder about your post- workout recovery; hopefully you caught my article about it HERE, very important stuff. Make sure you’re being smart about it! Your recovery is the most important part of your workout, so don’t neglect it!


5K Training Plan – Week 5

WorkoutDurationWhat are we doing?
130 minutes

(8 mins jogging)

Do a 5 minute warm-up; like this one. Briskly walk for 10 minutes. Next, jog for 4 minutes. Walk for 2 minutes, and then jog another 4 minutes. Finish with 3 more minutes of brisk walking before doing a 2 minute cooldown walk.
235 minutes

(15 mins jogging)

Do a 5 minute warm-up, then walk for 2 minutes. Next, jog 10 minutes once, followed by 5 minutes walking. Then, do 5 intervals of 1 minute fast jogging and 1 minute walking. Finish with a 4 minute cooldown walk.
330 minutes

(20 mins jogging)

Do a 5 minute warm-up, then walk for 2 minutes. Next, do 4 intervals of 5 minutes jogging and 2 minutes walking. Finish with a 1 minute cooldown walk.
440 minutes

(2 miles jogging)

Do a 5 minute warm-up, then walk for 5 minutes. Next, jog for 2 miles straight. Finish with a 5 minute cooldown walk.


Stefany Adinaro is an RVing fitness pro and is the self-proclaimed “better half” of the Fit RV website. While she loves her RV adventures, her favorite adventure is being “Mugga” to grandbabies Amelia and Eli. When she's not on the road, you can find her training clients in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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