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Ready or not, the holiday season officially begins this week. I can’t believe I just typed that… I mean come on, already?!? According to the calendar, yes. Already.

We’ve got 6 weeks of “holiday hectic” ahead, and that means previously established routines are about to be challenged.

There’s one of your routines in particular I care most about: EXERCISE.


Research shows that our exercise habits start declining in the fall, and are at their worst over the holidays. WHY is up for debate, but it’s hard not to blame the festive nature of the season:

We’re distracted with holiday shopping, decorating, gatherings, wrapping, baking, road trips, reunions… PHEW! I’m tired just writing it! Plus it’s cold and dark out, and I don’t know about you, but that alone is a total motivation buzzkill.

While there’s nothing really mind-blowing in this video, I do hope you’ll watch. The more attention you put on exercise, even watching a video about exercise, the more you’ll be likely to do it.

Remember, fitness has to be a LIFESTYLE all year, not just in the warm months. When we slack on exercise, we lose all those protective benefits we were reaping from it… staying healthy, having energy, and keeping our brains sharp as well.

So even through the chaos, STAY FIT-FOCUSED! Write down an exercise schedule, make it be the first thing you do each day, and sneak it in where you can.  And now go watch the video!

Onward we go full-steam-ahead into the holiday season! You’ve got this, gang!

xoxo, Stef