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This isn’t just a core workout. This isn’t just a triceps challenge either. And it’s not just a bootie and leg killer….the Crab Crunch exercise is all those wrapped into one big fat high-intensity move! Big thanks to Dr. Kathie Allen, family physician here in Salt Lake City and prodigious trainee of mine, for agreeing to be my model during our workout today.  Whenever friends don’t believe me that 60’s is the new 40’s, I use Dr. Kathie as my proof.

Dr. Kathie Allen Crab Crunch ExerciseCrab Crunch Exercise Dr Kathie AllenHere’s how you do the Crab Crunch:

Sit with your knees bent and and your feet hip-width apart on the floor. Place your hands on the floor behind. Lift your hips off the ground and keep them up (important!). Extend your right leg while you bring your left hand behind your head. Crunch forward, bringing your right knee into your chest and rotating your left elbow in to meet it. Repeat this 12-15 times, and then switch and do this on the other side.

The Crab Crunch is a great travel exercise since it requires no equipment. You can even make it easier by placing your hands on the edge of the RV bed instead of on the floor. And if your RV buddy gets crabby (e.g. when the RV breaks down in Medford), have him do a few crab crunches with you. He’ll be less of a crab, more of a big jellyfish when done.