Fitness Walking: Double your Calorie Burn Next Time You Leave the RV!

“Walking is man’s best medicine.”


Walking Burbarrow Lane (Maurice Pullin)

Look no further for the fountain of youth! It’s right there, in your feet. There’s a plethora of research out there that shows walking decreases your risk of heart disease, increases your energy, boosts your immune system and keeps you sharp. What’s not to love about the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other! Plus, doing it lets you socialize with friends, solve the world’s problems, and see what’s new at your latest RV destination.

Want to get more bang for your buck on your next walk? I have one word of advice for you: INTERVALS. An interval is a short burst of harder work that will amp up your heart rate and rev up your metabolism. In fact, you can just about DOUBLE the amount of calories you burn in 30 minutes of walking if you add in 10 one minute intervals to your workout. Bye bye belly fat!

Here’s an example walking workout plan with intervals (of course, always check with your Dr. first):

1. Warm up by walking 5 minutes at an easy pace.

2. Pick up the speed a bit and walk at a moderate pace for 5 minutes.

3. Let the interval fun begin! Walk briskly, pumping your arms for one minute.

4. Slow down to a moderate walking pace for 3 minutes.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a total of five times through (totals 20 minutes of interval training).

6. Cool down by walking at an easy pace for 5 minutes.

And you’re done! GREAT JOB!

I’d love to hear from you; how much walking do you do in a week? Do you include intervals in your workouts? If not, I hope you’ll give them a try!

Stefany Adinaro is an RVing fitness pro and is the self-proclaimed “better half” of the Fit RV website. While she loves her RV adventures, her favorite adventure is being “Mugga” to grandbabies Amelia and Eli. When she's not on the road, you can find her training clients in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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