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When we went to the Good Sam Phoenix RV Super Show last week, we expected to lead seminars on healthy RVing (and we did). We expected to meet up with fellow Travato owners and circle the wagons (and we did). And we expected to take part in a group ride (and we did). What we did not expect was that the super cool guys from Metro Gnome Music & Cycle To Go would chip in and provide loaner bikes for the riders to try.  And they didn’t provide just any bikes, but slick folding bikes that you could just about fit in an overhead cabinet.  I was intrigued enough that I had Todd demonstrate some of these bikes in this quick video.  Behold!

Metro Gnome Music & Cycle To Go sells several different models of bikes, but the two you can see in this video are a Brompton and a Tern.  They fold differently, but they both get pretty small.  In fact, we got two of them in the doorway of a Winnebago Travato (Thanks, Steve).  I rode the Tern, and while it’s certainly not my race bike, for something I could just about fit under my seat, it rode quite well.  The riders from our group ride who rode the Bromptons also had similar positive reports.

So the bottom line is, now, you’ve really got no excuse for not bringing a bike along on your RV adventures.