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James and I have weird lives.



I’d like to blame it on the website and all the side-gigs that come with being the faces of The Fit RV, but honestly our lives were weird long before the website started.

Our official wedding pic. Enough said.

One of the weird things we do on a rather frequent basis is long road trips… and when I say long, I’m talking RIDICULOUSLY loooongggg.


And typically those have to happen over a short period of time. We’ve become conditioned to these long hauls, and have loads of strategies and rules in place so we can keep our FitRV groove on even though we’re stuck in Lance’s pilot seats hauling butt for up to 12 hours a day. Because, if you’ve ever roadtripped cross-country, you know how easy it is to make some rather unhealthy choices. Like this one:


You’re rolling along. Say it’s I-80 Nebraska… yeah, I know, you’re shuddering in commiseration. Six grueling hours to get through what-I’m-sure-is-an-otherwise-lovely state. But when you’re stuck on I-80 with its scenery that doesn’t really change, you start feeling a bit like the RV version of Sisyphus. Two hours into the six hour stretch, I’m pretty much brain dead.

Wait. Didn’t we already pass this same exit two hours ago? Or was it twenty?

There’s a point where you’re desperate for something to do, anything, just to break up the monotony. So you reach down for your bag-o-snacks, rip open the bag, and start munching away.

And you keep eating. And KEEP EATING; because why not! There’s nothing else to do! You’ll be in Nebraska the rest of your  life anyways!!!

Yep. Still Nebraska.

Boredom eating is a real problem on road trips. To deal with it, we’ve imposed this Rule of the Rig:

No eating and driving.

When we completely remove the option to eat while the RV is in motion, we’re eliminating the risk for overeating out of boredom. So you eat when you’re stopped and that’s it. No negotiations and no cutting deals with that sneaky voice in your head.

Hope you’ll consider making it a rule in your rig too. We give ourselves way too much leeway when we hit the road, telling ourselves since we’re on vacation, we get to take vacations from exercise and healthy eating too. I call bull on that. That’s just the sneaky voice again, finding any way it can to get you to resort back to your lazy nature. RESIST IT! Be stronger than that. Healthy choices need to be a consistent part of your lifestyle, and that includes vacations and roadtrips and RV rallies and reunions.

Being strict about our eating habits is one of the requirements for aging well and staying healthy long into our retirement years. I say it all the time but here goes again: Life is way, wayyy, better in a fit and healthy body. So pull over, have your carrots and hummus, and then roll on, fellow road warriors!

Rooting for you!


Trainer Stef