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Gelatin-Eat More of It!My mind is blown. I’ve been researching gelatin, yes gelatin, of all things…you know, the stuff in the Jello boxes my mom only let me have on special occasions? I’m shocked about what a little hidden superfood we’ve got here. In my research, I’ve found studies that claim gelatin will:

  • Relieve joint pain
  • Fight tumors
  • Strengthen bones
  • Improve intestinal tract function
  • Speed wound healing
  • Help insomniacs get sleep
  • Improve skin youthfulness (less wrinkles?!? )
  • Make hair grow longer and healthier
  • Improve cellulite and promote fat loss

I’m sure there are more studies claiming more benefits, but I was getting cross-eyed reading all the data. Hey, maybe I’m cross-eyed since I didn’t get enough Jello growing up (mom).


What exactly is gelatin?

Gelatin is simply cooked collagen that’s been reduced to a protein powder. It’s the same stuff as when you make a homemade bone broth. Throw a bunch of collagen-rich bones in a pot with water, cook the bejesus out of it, and when you refrigerate it, it gels up. That’s the gelatin. Gelatin has 18 different amino acids….mostly glycine and proline, neither of which many of us get enough of, since they are found in the bones, organs, and fibrous tissues of animals. I don’t know about you, but I tend to avoid eating bones and gristle. I’d much prefer to eat a gummy candy.

The gelatin I used for this recipe had to be ordered online – I got it here. I tried all my local haunts and could only turn up the Knox brand of gelatin. That would work, too, I suppose. Call me crazy, but I like knowing what type of animal went into making my gelatin. Great Lakes makes their gelatin from grass fed cows, which are also hormone free, pesticide free, and GMO free. They had me at grass fed…

So now that I’ve got you as excited about gelatin as I am, let’s get some gelatin in our diets & in our RV snack bags!Healthy RV Snack-Yummy Gummies

To make these Yummy Gummies, you’ll need:

  • 2 cups juice (your choice)
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • ¼ cup honey OR ¼ cup Stevia
  • 7 TBS Gelatin
  • Cake pan or some fun candy mold trays


1) Heat the juice until it starts boiling, and then remove from heat & let sit 3 minutes.

2) Stir in the lemon juice and sweetener.

3) Slowly whisk the gelatin into the mix. Keep adding more gelatin and stirring, careful to avoid it clumping. If it does clump, simply pour it through a metal strainer to remove the clumps.

4) Pour the mixture into molds or a cake pan and refrigerate for 30 minutes or so.Homemade Healthy Gummy Recipe from The Fit RV

5) Remove from the molds or slice into pieces, and store at room temperature.


It’s that easy! I spent a whopping 10 minutes of effort making these. I used grape juice, homemade from the grapes in our yard, and also pink grapefruit juice to make the ones you see in the pics.

While these little yummies keep well at room temp, if you’re RVing in the summer, store these in the fridge!

See you on the road, RV friends!