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Welcome to “eating season”! I know most of you think of it as the holiday season, but let’s just call it what it really is. We get our first taste of it on Halloween followed quickly by Thanksgiving and then it ramps up through December all the way into the New Year. Add it all together and you’ve got one big fat “eating season”, when even the most fit-focused of us struggle to keep our pants buttoned.



In the video, James and I cover some of our favorite strategies to keep the eating under control during the holidays, PLEASE WATCH!

Beyond those big tips in the video, here are a few more:


FitRV’s Holiday Eating Survival Tips:


Do Not Skip Meals or Snacks!

The season throws us off our routines, and with many of us in travel-mode over the holidays, a wonky eating schedule is more common now than ever. Trouble is, hunger and low blood sugar lead to overeating and bingeing… plus it can mess with your metabolism. You don’t want to go hours on end without eating (except for sleeping). Eat frequently, make sure it’s healthy, and keep portions under control.


Avoid Buying/Making Foods That Tempt You!

If you don’t have any of your trigger foods around (like potato chips… JAMES!), they aren’t there to tempt you. Find alternatives that are more nutritious and don’t tempt you as much so you’re less likely to overindulge.

Water is Your New BFF:

Dehydration can be misinterpreted as hunger, so making sure you’re drinking plenty of water can help keep any cravings at bay. During the holidays, there’s a whole lot of “mindless eating” happening. Keep water nearby at all times and you can mindlessly sip water instead.


Don’t Be the Potluck Chip-Bringer:

If you’re contributing to a party, don’t do that cop-out thing, grabbing a bag of chips and calling it good (… JAMES!). Instead, have fun with it! Think healthy and delicious. Bring a dish you know you could eat and not feel guilty after. Need an idea people will rave about? Try my carrot soufflé! Sounds weird but trust me, it’s awesome.


Hide The Holiday Treats!

If you’ve got treats around, put them in a place where you can’t easily see them. We’re more likely to eat whatever’s lying around and what we see first. Keep healthy food out front and you’ll be more likely to grab for it instead.


Quit Avoiding Fat!

Eating moderate amounts of healthy fats during the holidays will satiate the appetite and prevent overeating of nutrient-void, empty carbs that seem to go hand-in-hand with the season.


Drop That Fork: 

When you’re at holiday dinners and you’re more vulnerable to “distracted eating”, slowing down will help you avoid going overboard. Talk between bites, set your fork down often, and chew slowly. It takes a while for our bodies to realize they’re full. The slower you go, the less likely you are to reach for seconds.


Limit the Imbibing:

Alcohol packs on the calories, and it certainly doesn’t help that in social settings we’re much more likely to overdo it. Stick to wine or liquor with no calorie mixers, and cap it at one or two. Plus! For every alcoholic drink you have, sip two glasses of water before you go for your next drink.


Make “Guilt” Hit the Road:

Look, if you overeat or gain a little, don’t sweat it. Stressing about it is just adding more pressure to your already stressful holiday season. We’ve got to be okay with also LIVING a little, you know? Staying health-focused is great, but that shouldn’t also mean sacrificing everything wonderful about the holiday season. And besides, if you’re too perfect you wouldn’t have anything to work on for your New Year’s Resolutions!


Happy Holidays all you wonderful FitRVers! Now go exercise!


xoxo, Stef