Localfit! A New Type of Gym Membership for RVers


Someone has finally, FINALLY created a national gym membership for travelers!


Introducing Localfit!

We’ve already joined and tested it out, and we give all the details about the program in our video; link above. GO WATCH!

I Don’t Want To Watch, Just Tell Me What It Is!

In a nutshell, Localfit is a new type of gym membership program where you get access to not just ONE gym chain, but multiple chains and gyms… almost 6,000 gyms nationwide, all for $15 a month. There’s a wide variety of gym options including specialty studios like yoga and boxing.


If You Decide to Join, Join Here Through Our Link!


We’ve never endorsed a gym membership before. There just hasn’t been one out there that stood out as the best fit for travelers, and we don’t like the idea of being locked in to one chain… way too limiting. So this is a big deal for us to stand here before you officially endorsing Localfit. THAT’S how much we believe in this program. Since we’ve agreed to become Localfit ambassadors, anyone who signs up through us gets themselves an extra free month and gets us a credit (so thanks for your support!).

There ARE some restrictions though, and we go over all those in the video, so please do watch. The biggest one is that you can only go to the SAME gym in a month up to 5 times. That doesn’t mean you can only go to the gym 5 times! You can still go to gyms every single day of the month… just not the same gym, only 5 days. And as for any hidden fees, the only extra thing we had to pay for was a few bucks for the Localfit credit card that comes in the mail. That’s IT. Plus it’s a “cancel anytime” thing, which my commitment-phobe nature especially likes.

FUN STORY: When I was first investigating Localfit, I immediately honed in on the gym my daughter attends in Salt Lake City… a very swanky Lifetime Fitness with an expensive monthly membership. I’ve forked over the $25 day pass many times to attend with her in the past; she loves when I go with her and swap the “mom” hat for my “personal trainer” one. I was SO excited to find her gym covered by Localfit! So, last week when we were back in Salt Lake visiting the fam, I got to use my Localfit credit card and attend with her. What normally costs me $25 per day was free with my $15 per month Localfit membership. (Can’t help but wonder, how are they making money?!?!)

SO anyways….  There you have it; the whole lowdown on Localfit. It’ll be a great way to keep fit-focused when you’re traveling. And since our work here on FitRV is all about promoting a healthy RV lifestyle, I cannot think of a better way to spend $15 bucks a month than on your health. GO JOIN!

Let’s hear your thoughts and questions about it; leave comments below!

xoxo, Stef

Stef spent 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and at the University level in Special Physical Education before making the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach with a specialty in working with people with medical conditions and injuries. Stef has been a running enthusiast her entire adult life, and shares James’ love of cycling. She feels lucky they have a shared hobby in bicycling that enhances their RV lifestyle.

    7 thoughts on “Localfit! A New Type of Gym Membership for RVers

    1. Stephanie L Laverty

      I heard Silver Sneakers is no longer available through Medigap Medicare Supplemental insurance. Anyone else hear that?

    2. Stuart H. Sachs

      You guys continue to amaze me! Technically, and with a personal aesthetic, as a team, you’re a well-rehearsed (?) duo. I look for comments made by van dwelling travelers and you regularly come up with well-substantiated evidence to back up suggested work AND play. Thanks for being out there to encourage many of us (newbies) that taking the plunge is worth it. No matter how big or how small the steps are. It’s how you live.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        I’m certain many RVers will join for that very reason! My hope is they’ll buy it for the showers, but will stick around for the workout. 🙂

    3. Dan Conti

      For us older folk on Medicare – the advantage plans have free health club memberships “Silver Sneakers” . I use Crunch Fitness , LA Fitness, the big chains that have locations all over the US. If your a RV’er that travels every few days it might not work for you. But if you stay weeks or more ! I go 5 days a wk as I’m not limited to 5 times a month. Plus they have classes (yoga etc) that are part of the membership.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Oh sorry we weren’t clear! You CAN go to gyms EVERY SINGLE DAY with Localfit! You just can’t go to the SAME gym more than 5 times within a month. That’s in keeping with the “travel” concept, the idea being it’s a program for travelers, and so you’re moving around and don’t need the same gym over and over. As for SilverSneakers, well I was an instructor for many years and think it’s one of the best Medicare programs EVER!


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