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After being totally stumped on what in the world to call this strange (but fun!) exercise, I’ve decided to name exercise moves I’ve created here at The Fit RV after RVs that we love. Fleetwood is on my mind right now since we just did a video review of their Class C Searcher. And! The Fleetwood exercise move is similar to the Fleetwood company in that both are quite efficient; giving you a lot of bang for your buck!

Here’s how to do the Fleetwood:

1)Sit with your back straight and core tight. Bend your right knee and brace it with your hands. Extend your left leg out straight and slightly lifted off the floor like this:
Stefany Adinaro The Fleetwood Exercise Fit RV

2) Roll to your right hip. Lift your hips so that all your weight is on your right arm and your right knee. Extend your left leg towards the sky like this:Exercise for Travelers Fit RV

3) Lower your right hip back down to the ground and return to your starting position (1st picture), NEVER ALLOWING YOUR LEFT LEG TO LOWER! Repeat  this 10 times. Next, do 10 repetitions on your other side.

And that’s it! These little beasts are full body moves, so you’ll be working all your major muscle groups. And no need of any equipment or a gym! You all know how much I love full body moves…because who wants to spend all day getting your workout done?!

So, folks, do your Fleetwoods, then get OUT of your Fleetwood and go enjoy your day! See you on the road, RV friends!