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Sore Stiff Neck Ache CrickWhen I was contacted recently by a reader with a sore neck thanks to her RV mattress, I knew it was time to address this on the website. After all, we’ve all been there. Slept weird and then awakened with a crick in the neck. It’s annoying, uncomfortable, and puts a damper on the day.

I can totally relate to any RV mattress woes you all suffer, especially since the bed in our Class B is also the dining table. And the couch. Converting the bed each night is my biggest complaint about RVing in a small Class B. It means lots of cushion lumps and indents in the most uncomfortable of places. Here’s the thing. Our bodies get used to our daily routines and adapt to them. So, when we sleep on a different surface than the norm, or have daily routines different from the norm (like when traveling!), our muscles become vulnerable to things like neck aches.

Now first, let me say this. If your neck’s been sore a long time and you’re getting no relief, go see your doctor. There are loads of ailments that could cause pain in your neck (like marriage), so if this seems more than the normal soreness from sleeping wrong, quit surfing the Net and get to a medical expert.

But for the majority of us, a sore neck occurs from neck strain or tension….sleeping in a funky way, poor posture, new activities when traveling, etc. If you’re currently suffering from a stiff neck, try these 2 tricks.


Take a hot shower for about 5 minutes, stretching your neck gently while the water hits you and giving yourself a gentle neck massage. Then, turn the water to cold for 30 seconds. Repeat that about three times.


You have a pressure point in your hand that is specifically used for a stiff neck called the “Lou Zen.” It’s located right smack between the knuckles of your index and middle fingers. Massage that spot on the hand opposite the neck pain, and press into it pretty deeply (but don’t injure yourself!). Go for a few minutes while simultaneously stretching your neck, rotating it around.Pressure Point for Stiff Sore Neck

The rest is up to Father Time. Be patient and be mindful of your activities for a few days. Once you’re good as new, it’s time to start doing neck exercises to prevent this from happening again. Click here to see my article that demonstrates neck strengthening exercises.