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The Fit RV James Stefany Adinaro


Do we look familiar?  Think you’ve seen us before?  Well, maybe you have!

We write frequently for other RV blogs and publications, plus have even been on the Travel Channel!  You can also find us at various rallies, RV shows, and cycling events.

Here are some of the media sources where you can find us:


In addition to writing for the GoRVing blog on health and fitness topics, we also work to promote a healthy RVing lifestyle on the GoRVing social media channels.  You can see us in their Instagram videos, Facebook and Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards, and we’ve even hosted Twitter parties with them.


Make no mistake about it, the RVing population is getting younger and fitter!  When CNBC wanted to write a piece on this trend, they reached out to us for an interview.  You can find that story here:

FMCA Magazine:

We were so flattered to have The Fit RV’s story told through an article in the May 2016 issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine.  This piece was hands down one of the nicest things anyone’s ever written about us.  The print version of the magazine was sent directly to members, but if you’re not a member, you can check out the online version for free, here:


We’re regular contributors to Winnebago’s lifestyle blog,  We write on a range of topics for them; from healthy eating,  to exercising on the road, gear reviews, RV modifications, you name it.  Though we don’t discuss other brands of RVs over there, the content is not exclusive to Winnebago owners, so don’t be afraid to check it out, regardless of how you roll.

Good Sam:

The Good Sam RV Travel and Savings Guide is “The Bible” of RV parks and campgrounds.  Each year, this guide is published with more updated information on RV parks than you could possibly need during a single year.  And you don’t need battery power or a cell signal to get the info!  For two years, we were proud to provide a featured article for the guide.  In the 2015 guide, we authored “5 Habits of Fit RVers”, which you can find on page 69.  And for the 2016 guide, we wrote them a piece called “Playing to Win” (on page 174), about sports that are available to RVers.  If you’ve got the guide (and if you have an RV you probably do), check it out.


In addition to being Coach-Net affiliates (which means, if you sign up for Coach-Net through our link, you get a discount and we get a credit), we also occasionally write for their blog as well.  Our relationship with Coach-Net goes back years, and again, we’ve written about both fitness and RV technical topics for them.

Newmar Blog:

Yes, we travel in a Class B RV. But owners of small RVs aren’t the only ones who care about maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road. Realizing this, Newmar asked to write a piece for their blog, which you can find here:

Roadtreking Podcast (now

If you’re familiar with RVing blogs, you’ve probably heard about Mike Wendland’s site.  Mike’s been at it a while, and he’s had a long and successful journalism career.  That’s why we were excited to be interviewed by him for his weekly podcast in April of 2015.  You can replay that podcast here:

Family RV Travel Atlas Podcast:

The crew at RV Family Travel Atlas has had us on their podcast on several occasions.  We’re always happy to discuss healthy RVing with whoever will listen.  But since RV Family Travel Atlas focuses on RVing with a family, the questions and advice here are a bit different from what we might tell retired or solo RVers.  If you RV with kids, it’s worth a listen.  You can find our first appearance with them at:

22 Best RV Blogs

Out of the blue, we found out that we had been featured in’s 22 Best RV Blogs list.  We got the award for “Best RV Blog For On-The-Road Workouts”.  Sweet!