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One of the very first articles I ever wrote here on The Fit RV website was all about pistachios. I’m sure you all remember it, word for word, and I’m sure it completely changed your lives. I remember those first days with the website, James and I were so cute and naive! We’d watch the statistics on our articles, “Oh look, honey! 30 people read my pistachio article! Wow, that’s so cool! I’m almost famous!” But seeing as I’d send that article to about 50 close family and friends, well, YOU do the math.


So it’s been years since that first article when I mentioned pistachios, and now finally here we are once again talking about my favorite neglected nut. When I told James I was thinking about sharing our pistachio granola recipe, he did a nerd flipout on me. “No! You can’t! “Pistachio” is my test word when I do updates to the website! It’s the only word I know that pulls up only one of our articles…you’re going to thwart my system!

Heh heh.

So naturally, I decided I absolutely HAD to share this recipe with you. Sorry, honey. (not really)

Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe


But seriously. Guys, granola is SO easy to make. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered buying it. Homemade has a different taste than store-bought…a much more pleasing taste if you ask me. And oh my, this pistachio granola? Between the taste and the wholesome ingredients, it’s just about Granola Perfection. I love to make it pre-trip, store it in a mason jar, and then pour it over yogurt and berries for a hassle-free and healthy breakfast in the RV.

But there is one source of contention between James and me when it comes to this recipe. James doesn’t like dried fruit in any granola recipe, and I love it. He says it’s a texture nightmare. You’ve got the satisfying crunch of the granola, and then once that’s crunched away in your mouth, you’re still left chewing the dried fruit. I don’t mind that one bit. But, if you’re another texture-sensitive soul like James, I’ve left the dried tart cherries in this recipe optional. See? I’m nice.

The Fit RV Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe 9

Stef’s Simple and Spectacular Pistachio Granola Recipe!!!



  • 2 ¼ cups rolled oats (not quick cooking)
  • ¾ cup shelled raw pistachios
  • ½ cup coconut flakes (unsweetened)
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt



  • 1/2 cup chopped tart dried cherries



Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Lightly chop the raw pistachios. Reserve a rounded tablespoon of the raw pistachios (to be added after baking).

The Fit RV Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe 3

Mix together rolled oats, raw pistachios (all except one tablespoon) and coconut in bowl. If you’re using dry roasted pistachios instead of raw, don’t add! You’ll simply toss those in after baking the rest of the granola.

The Fit RV Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe

Microwave the honey, coconut oil, and salt for about 30 seconds, and then stir until the coconut oil is liquid consistency.

The Fit RV Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe 2

Pour honey mixture over the oat mixture and toss thoroughly.

The Fit RV Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe 1

Transfer to a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet and spread in an even layer.

The Fit RV Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe 5

Bake until oats are lightly golden, 25 to 35 minutes, stirring every 7-10 minutes.

The Fit RV Healthy Pistachio Granola Recipe 4

Remove from oven and add the remaining tablespoon of raw pistachios. If adding dried fruit, add it after the oat mixture has cooled 10 minutes or so.

Once completely cooled, store in an airtight container. It’ll keep for up to 2 weeks at room temp, but storing in the fridge or freezer will extend that.


And there you have it, how easy was that?! As always, I love your comments, and would love to hear how you’d modify this recipe to your own tastes. So scroll down and let me know what you think!