Griddled Origami Burritos Recipe

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Breakfast is our favorite meal when we’re out camping. Perhaps it’s the excuse to get outside in the morning, when the day is fresh and crisp, or perhaps it’s because pretty much all hot breakfasts mean we get to cook on the griddle. Either way, nothing beats morning time at the campground.

We tend to make a lot of breakfast burritos when we’re camping, but the whole throw-a-bunch-of-toppings-in-and-roll thing can get boring. When we feel like jazzing up our typical breakfast burritos, we make Origami Burritos instead. Here’s video:


Really, making these doesn’t require any formal recipe. But if you’re the type of soul who likes written directions, well, here ya go:

1) You basically just choose a bunch of ingredients you like for the filling, and you griddle those up. Anything goes! You can get creative here. This time, we’re using edamame, eggs, peppers & onions, cheese, and cilantro for the filling. But we’ve done all sorts of varieties—carrots, broccoli, meats, asparagus—really, it’s a great excuse to clean out your fridge! And make sure you’re adding lots of protein. We all—always—need more protein.

2) Prep your tortillas by making a single cut halfway up your tortilla, and then place your various griddled fillings on the tortilla’s four quarters.

3) Now for the real fun! Fold; one quarter over the next. Look at you! Making origami!

4) Place the folded origami burritos back on the griddle and brown both sides. Once browned, they’re ready to eat!

Easy peasy, right? You can certainly jazz them up with dipping sauces and other toppings. We used crema, avocado, and salsa this go-around, because that’s what we had on-hand.

And if you don’t have a griddle yet— you need one in your life!

Good Sam members can get $40 off a Blackstone Griddle at Camping World during their Black Friday sale now through December 11th 2022. We use our griddle wayyyy more than we use our grill!

Happy fall, all!



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    2 thoughts on “Griddled Origami Burritos Recipe

    1. Graham Smith

      I have enough trouble keeping stuff from falling out of a regular wrap. Amazed you can keep everything in one of those. As to using Edamame in a wrap, I never thought of that but I’m probably going to borrow the idea. Also, a couple other things for wraps are corn and Cotija cheese – give it a Mexican street corn flair.

      1. James

        One tip: If you’re using cheese, make sure that’s on the last “quadrant” you fold up. That way, when it melts, it helps keep everything together!


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