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EagleViewResort1So, we were stuck in Scottsdale.  We had reserved someplace else to stay, but when we got there at 6pm on Friday, they had already been closed for two hours!  (They didn’t tell us they kept banker’s hours when making the reservation.)  We called and the helpful staff at Eagle View told us to come on over, no problem.  We’re glad we did.

Unfortunately, (due mostly to our mishap at the first resort) we got there late, and we had to leave early the next day, so we didn’t have time to fully partake of everything the place had to offer.  That’s a shame, because there was a lot.  We did manage to take a couple pictures outside before it got too dark, like the amazing desert sunset above, and the one of their main building below.  There is a nearby river, and generally beautiful desert scenery as you can see.

But the thing that’s motivating me to write this review the most is something that we hope becomes a growing trend at RV campgrounds, and that was the FITNESS CENTER.  No, it wasn’t the size of your local Gold’s Gym, but they had taken the time to create a perfectly functional fitness center on site, with cardio and strength equipment.  It was more complete than your average hotel gym, so you should be able to adapt any workout plan you have and complete it there.  Not only that, they had taken the time to map out a jogging path of one mile (using their park roads), and printed it right on their map.  Who does that!?  These guys, that’s who.  Awesome!

And those weren’t the only opportunities for exercise.  I went on a ride with a local cycling group the next morning (in Arizona, you have to ride super early or you fry), and our route took us on some more isolated roads very near to Eagle View resort, so you can bike there if you get up early enough.

In addition to that, they had all of the standard amenities you would expect.  Wifi, continental breakfast, pool, showers, laundry, etc.  Cable TV did seem to cost extra, so we did not opt for that.  There was a free shuttle to nearby Fort McDowell Casino, and security could be seen patrolling the site regularly.  They had a page of reasonable rules, listing quiet hours and such.  I think this is a positive thing, and sets expectations for everyone, so I’ll keep mentioning it when parks have clear and reasonable rules.

Now for the few negatives.  There didn’t seem to be much significant shade at the sites, so during the summer, you’re really going to need to crank up the AC to keep comfortable.  But if you’re in Arizona in the summer, you probably expect some of that.  There was nice landscaping, as you can see it’s not just a parking lot, but nothing really large to shade your rig.  The other negative is that it seemed a bit on the expensive side.  We paid nearly $45 for our 22 foot rig.  That might be a great deal for one of the 20×69 foot sites, but it seemed high for what we needed, and that did not include cable.  But since it was last minute, and we were kind of stuck, we didn’t mind paying it.  They emailed us a receipt the next day, which we thought was a nice touch.

All in all, we got lucky finding Eagle View last minute.  And did I mention the FITNESS CENTER!