The Vineyards Campground, Grapevine (Dallas), TX – RV Park Review

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The first time we stayed at The Vineyards Campground on Lake Grapevine, we checked in in the middle of the night and left just after first light.  But we saw enough of the place that we decided to change our plans and head back there.  We’re very glad we did.  This campground is fantastic!  Check out the video above for our review and a first-hand look at this gem of a park near Dallas, Texas.

They Keep it Up!

An RV park can be in the most wonderful destination, or have the best location, but one thing that turns us (and other RVers) off right away is if the facilities are run down, dirty, or in ill-repair.  You’ll find none of that at this campground.  Everything is clean, well maintained, and in good shape.  The Vineyards has the distinction of being the ONLY RV laundry facility I’ve ever seen where all of the machines were operational.  The sites were level; the hookups all worked without issue; we have a big list of things that we had no problem with whatsoever.  The care they put into keeping the place up is evident in all of the facilities, and we appreciated it.

Being on a lake, there is no shortage of active pursuits at this campground.  Sure, there are docks, and there is a private swim beach with volleyball court.  But they also rent kayaks from the camp store.  If you prefer not to get wet, they also rent bicycles, they have a frisbee golf course, and there are several nature trails marked out.  Stef and I managed to fit in a full 5k jog just on the park roads.

Now, The Vineyards was one of the more expensive campgrounds we’ve stayed at.  But when you consider that all of the amenities we paid for actually worked, that brings things back to reality a bit and tips the scale in their favor.  I’m not giving them a “budget traveler” award or anything, but I think you get a reasonable value there in spite of the higher price.

So, would we stay there again?  Absolutely!  We already did!  And if we find ourselves in the bustle of the DFW area in our RV again, you can bet we’ll be pointing our RV towards this oasis.



  • Fitness Opportunities - 70%
  • Facilities - 100%
  • Value - 75%
  • Total Score 81%

Pros: EVERYTHING WORKS!  Sites are level, large, and clean.  All the facilities are extremely well maintained.  Rentals of bikes, kayaks, etc.
Cons: This is not the cheapest place you'll stay, but you at least get what you pay for.

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    7 thoughts on “The Vineyards Campground, Grapevine (Dallas), TX – RV Park Review

    1. Randee

      I just asked a question about the composting toilet (in another blog section) and then happened to see this post as well.
      We stayed at this campground a few, well, many, years ago, and ended up actually living and working there! It was a beautiful spot and close to tons of fun things to do. Grapevine is a quaint ‘old’ town close to the big city.
      I would definitely consider this campground to be in the top five…all things considered.

    2. Jesús Garza

      I live down the road from this joint. A suburban RV park … boring. If I can’t enjoy a beautiful forest, a pristine lake or an ocean view. Count me out. This place is a glorified parking lot.

      1. James - Post author

        Ouch! Sorry you don’t like the place, but for an RV park in an urban setting, we thought it was pretty nice.
        If you think this place is a parking lot, you should check out some of the RV “parks” in Lake Havasu! Neighboring sites have to negotiate with each other to see who gets to put their slides out for the day. Seriously!
        This place was nothing like that, and we were about fifty yards from the neighboring site.
        We wouldn’t make it a “destination”, but for suburban Dallas, this was a real treat.

    3. Mark E Hesse

      I love that campground!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stay twice a year for tax seminars close by. But they flooded bad in May I think…not opening again until December…but I will be there! Great review of a fantastic place!


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