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Back at the California RV Show, in Pomona, we had the chance to get up close and personal with a brand new, 2015 Serenity before the crowds swarmed in.  We filmed this review, where we do our typical in-depth, crawl-all-over-it thing.


The Serenity sits at the top of the Leisure Travel Vans line.  It’s built on the Sprinter chassis, but it’s made a little differently than most other RVs.  The solid fiberglass body is put together first, and then built up inside that shell.  That’s a slower and more costly way to build an RV.  And while I’m always impressed with the cabinetry that Leisure Travel Vans puts out; even there, the Serenity is a cut above.  I know all this about the Serenity, but we’d never taken a good, close look at one, until now.

I’m happy to report, that the Serenity lives up to the hype.  If we were full-timing, this would be the kind of coach I could live with for extended periods of time.  Here are some of the things we really liked about the Serenity:

  • The little touches – things like locking drawers under the sink, and a shelf perfect for sunglasses.  You’ll find lots of these in the Serenity, and you’ll appreciate them all.
  • Waterless Traps – Not so much for Stef, but to me, these were a big deal.  With no water in a trap, you don’t have to worry about them freezing, or running dry.  They also eliminate the need for a separate air admittance valve, AND, they take up less space.  All this, and they meet code too.  Awesome.
  • Battery Capacity – You can never have too much battery, and the Serenity comes with two 6 volt batteries.  (I’d add more, but this is a good start, and more than most coaches this size.)
  • The Refrigerator – Stef spent about a minute of our video fawning over the rather large, two door refrigerator.  I have to admit, it’s nice.  (I mean, I don’t want to marry it like Stef does, but yeah, it’s cool.)

But, as with most any coach, there were a couple things that make it still not the perfect next coach for us.  The two big ones are the lack of a place to store our bikes indoors, and the fact that it’s not a four season RV.  Also, this one didn’t have a permanent bed, which we really want.  (But that is an option.)

It’s easy to see why the Serenity is the top rig at Leisure Travel Vans.  If “top of the line” sounds like you, then you really should have a look at one. Even though we won’t be getting one any time soon, it’s always fun to see what’s possible. As always, I’ve attached our checklist below.

See you on the road!